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Ingame Report Message button.

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So I was thinking, once the game is up and running and everything is going smoothly, why not have a "Report Message" option? That way if we get a message from someone who's trying to scam, we could simply report it and it would be sent to an admin or a certain inbox for when an admin decides to look into them to look into.

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I have thought of something to this effect before and it would be very helpful.

Now the thing with it is, people have a tendency to report things that do not need reporting just for the hell of it and then you get some people who will spam report probably to annoy us.

The second one can be contained with a flood control making it so you can only report one message every hour or so.

The first problem still persists and will cause a lot of wasted time but I'll definitely think of a way it can be done because I want something like this myself.

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