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Is this normal?


So I've noticed that some Pokemon I encounter, come up as something I've not caught even though I own them, example;



I've open up my Pokedex to show that I do have Shiny Pidgey's, I actually have two, both female ones. Is this because it's a different gender or is it an error? :/

Oricorio (PomPom) and Togdemaru do the same thing but I can't confirm if it was because I don't have that gender because I didn't check (I'll come back and edit this post if I find another one)


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1 hour ago, strayaZilas said:

This is a known glitch that normally occurs when you first start searching maps after logging in. To stop it from happening, catching any map pokemon whenever you notice it happening should fix it for you.

its faster and cheaper to put some pokemon to trade and removing it, it will fix it also

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