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Answered how to reach admin if i got hacked


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32 minutes ago, iweimax0524 said:

ya cause u have no proof

there was a proof, i had few years old video showcasing my acc



plus i can see 2 logins not from me in daily login calendar, so might it will be possible to get IP of a person, in pokemon auction i can see my money went to random accounts from different countries, was bought x1 pokeballs for milions. some my best pokemons i can track them in other random accs... i cant find no trading history, but i can find in action selling my pokemons for cheap and then buying x1 pokeballs as i sayd





i think admin can see my history and can help me, i did not gave my pasword to anyone, and just giving away 2x mewtwo armor, shiny and normal kyogre primal and other rare pokemons where only less that 10 ppl have, buying pokebals  for milions is no point

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its a good think hacked did not find my trade list, i have tons of pokemons there, multiple legendaries that i did not needed, so atleast i have something... before it was trash bin for me  now its a gold mine :"( ofc my most valuable pokemons is gone, the video shows old progress, after the video i god way further and my colection of pokemosn and ranking in world skyrocked... i

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