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Resolved Cant get my Shiny giritina origin

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For store purchase issues, you can raise a ticket if the promo codes is not delivered or there is something else you want related to store. 
You can also message the dev's on Discord. 
Raising the ticket will help resolve your issue better. 

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I see the purchase you're talking about and there's nothing to "fix". What has gone wrong (if you can even call it gone wrong as it's working as intended) is your own fault.
1) You didn't even make the purchase from the account you're reporting the issue on (why?)
2) You put in a Vortex username to receive the purchase on that doesn't even exist (again, why?)


Log back into the forum account you made the purchase on and amend your "Vortex Username" then the promo code from the purchase will be sent to that user under the promo code inventory category.

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