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Both Just something i thought of

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Ok so this will never happen but yeah imma say it anyways...you should do somethjng about all the locked away pokemon in accounts of people that don't play anymore...its unfair especially when there us a set amount if how many of each pokemon there is in vortex


For example you go in to trades searching for a shiny charmander and THEYRE ALL OWNED BY INACTIVE ACCOUNTS, its infuriating !

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There isn’t a set amount of anything, what are you talking about? 
You can go and catch your own Shiny Charmander, there is an unlimited amount of them available to catch in the wild.

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There is no limit to any Pokémon.
If there's 20 of a certain rare Pokémon now, it may be 3000 later.
If there may be 56000 of a certain common Pokémon, it may be 200000 later.
There's not a limit to how many of a certain species can exist.

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