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epic catches

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what is you most epic catches on here?

 yougo on a random map and take a few steps and find that pokemon you dying to get... 


mine is... 

You have captured Wild Shiny Bagon.

i was looking for a rock type pokemon to beat a E4 member and this is what i got.. 


please post and lets discuss our best pokemon catches

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On 3/12/2016 at 4:46 PM, Assassin_Creed said:

My best was catching a Shiny Celebiin my first step. After that I returned to the the map and after 3 steps I encountered a Tornadusbut I was unable to catch it because I had no :MasterBall:left.

:UltraBall: also works fine too. I have caught numerous Legendary Pokemon with a Single Ultra Ball.

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