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    Giveaway CrazyBot Random Legend Giveaway!

  2. Assassin_Creed

    Giveaway Nutella Navigator: Kontests #1

    IGN- Assassin_Creed Thanks!
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    General What pokemon are you training right now?

    Absol Level: 100 HP: 400 Exp: 146,070 training to 15 million.
  4. Assassin_Creed

    General Best Side-Leggie

  5. Training Absolto 50 million

  6. Assassin_Creed


    IGN- Assassin_Creed TY
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    Giveaway Red_Thunder's Giveaway

    IGN - Assassin_Creed Favorite pokemon - Thanks!
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    Uniques EagerRhino's Trade Cabin

    Want your offering 10 unique legends?
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    Giveaway z:Series 2

    IGN- Assassin_Creed Next event maybe forms
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    Universal CLOSED

    hunt me a set of #562 Yamask for 600k
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    Amank's Giveaway

    IGN- Assassin_Creed Thanks @amank for the giveaway.
  12. What West Indies won from India  in SEmi_Finals:o_o:

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    Uniques Vivillon Trade Thread

    Please someone give me a offering a .
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    Super Secret Event


    Because they were all botted.