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Hello , I left my laptop on the side with pokemon vortex v3 opened then my smaller brother camed he pressed Trade Pokemon - Recent Trade Notifications and there was my Dragonite and i Traded him with chpo he pressed remove or something like that he told me and the dragonite is gone is there a way i cant get it back ? It was lvl 55 , thanks .

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Im sorry to inform you but lvl 55 dragonites are prone to being kidnapped and traded away, its kind of a huge issue in the vortex community that still hasnt been addressed properly. The devs say they are doing everything they can you know but when you can ask them about the specifics they are all too busy to reply as their playing Pokemon GO and that theres a Blastoise that has spawned a couple blocks away that needs their utmost attention. Its corrupt pokemon politics i say, corrupt to the pokebones.

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