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Trade Glitch Abuse

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Before everyone starts freaking out and there is mass panic (not that it hasn't already happened) but...:ph34r:


There seems to be a trade glitch occurring. Basically what is happening is once someone puts a valuable Pokemon on trade, someone is abusing the trade system causing them to lose their Pokemon without them getting anything for it. Obviously this person has not been apprehended and continues to steal Pokemon. First of all, please stop spreading rumors about the cause of this and who is doing it as it only bring panic.


I'd advise you till you receive word from Patrick or a Mod about this to take all your Pokemon off trades so you don't risk losing them. I'm not sure what Patrick plans to do in compensation of this glitch and the community losing so many Pokemon, especially donations, which were paid for.


In the meantime, rest assured that Patrick, Admins and the staff of Pokemon Vortex know about this glitch and are doing everything to fix it. Any question on Social Media about this will be promptly answered but that is the extent of what we can do for now. Till then play the game normally but I would suggest hold off on trading as to not risk anything. I repeat, there is NO CONFIRMED date when this will be fixed. I would suggest making a list of all the Pokemon that you lost through this trade glitch to make it easier for Patrick to track the down.


Please refrain from asking anymore questions about this on Forums or directly asking the Mods or Patrick as I bet they already have their hands full. If something isn't answered in here you can always PM me or leave your question on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Google+/Discord Chat and someone will help you out.





@Patrick @Uncle_Psychic @sportsandmusic69

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14 hours ago, Redonkulous said:

I got a Dark Caterpie (Christmas)on a giveaway on #trades in discord chat, from suspected IGN of a bug abuser and was wondering whats the best way to go about it?



what was the point of even posting this when you're just going to obscure the picture?

This was as useful as a blind guide dog - Well done.

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