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  1. Dark mew , Metallic mesprit , Metallic tapu lele , Shadow uxie , Shiny darkrown
  2. i dont have but i have lunala and soloageo
  3. Can you Train My Shadow Gardevoir what is your recommended
  4. Congratulations Anirban52134 You Won Shiny Tornadus PM me My Ign is - shreyjain44
  5. eurstin. Sexy lady, queen of Budews and poor elitist... pls be my girlfriend. Highest Exp:- Charizard Mega x 2 Lakh IGN-Shreyjain44 Thanks for the Giveaway
  6. Just comment your ign and I will pick random name winner is My in-game name is Auke1993. PM me
  7. Hi IKmaster100 can you train my Type-Null in which Max experience you do ign - Shreyjain44
  8. Congratulations..... TheChampIzTheLegend has won the contest
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