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  1. Tritre

    Answered Timezone

    I live in India, in Maharashtra.
  2. Tritre

    Answered Timezone

    I am unsure of my timezone in Vortex v4.2. Please tell me to whom i should contact on discord. Discord - Tritre#4127 IGN : Tritre.
  3. Tritre

    General want to win $1million?

    IGN : Tritre I want that money so that I would be able to buy arceus forms from pokebay auctions (and probably trade with you).
  4. IGN : Tritre Thank you for the giveaway and wish you all the best for the first giveaway.
  5. Tritre

    Run, Therian, run!


    I have completed my sidequests ( Ultimately Unova too). So, can I still catch them?
  6. Hello guys. Can we have a reminder in the discord app which would remind us about the quiz? Cause I have missed many quizzes till now.
  7. Tritre

    Huntin' Keldeo


    Can I catch Kelsey resolution if I have completed all the sidequests? Or is it necessary to be on it?
  8. The giveaway is over. LOL. Wait for the next giveaway to start. You will be notified.
  9. Yeah, when's the March one?
  10. Tritre

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for and .
  11. Tritre

    Answered Unown event

    Hello guys. Which are the unowns of this event of obtainable and on which map to find them?
  12. Tritre

    Answered Clan dp

    Yes, but first you will need to link your account to the forum's account.
  13. Tritre

    Answered Clan dp

    Yes, first, link the forum account to your IGN account through your profile. Then, create a clan here on vortex too. There, you will get an option to upload photo.
  14. Tritre

    Answered Unown event

    May be a joke cause it was postponed till today and now, not yet started.