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  1. Hello guys. https://screenshots.firefox.com/fihak6zd2js5zUoP/zeta.pokemon-vortex.com This shows a bug. And there is one more bug other than going over those things. It shows a red arrow key which goes down, and when clicked, will teleport us to the ice maps.
  2. Tritre

    Bug loss in the middle of battle

    Did you see the 0HP of the level 150 Dialga before you clicked next?
  3. Tritre

    Giveaway Giveaway for 2 tapu lele (closed)

    IGN : Tritre number : 16 Favourite pokemon : Arceus Thanks for the giveaway.
  4. IGN : Tritre 5 cosmogs so far.
  5. Tritre

    Answered Got Banned

    Then were you both playing in a single computer?
  6. Tritre

    Answered Moderator in Discord

    K. Thank you, sir.
  7. Tritre

    Answered Moderator in Discord

    Oh. So, it doesn't depend on the popularity?
  8. IGN :Tritre 3 cosmogs so far.
  9. PS: This will end on 20th September
  10. Tritre

    Resolved Discord

    Hello guys, I am new to discord. In the bot commands, i learnt many commands. This is regarding the !poke. According to the bot (!help), !poke <name> shows information about a Pokémon . I went on using this. And, a person used the command "!poke flamescape". And the bot gave the reply as https://screenshots.firefox.com/3zcb3hF7cYsEnpr7/discordapp.com From that time, I checked it everyday but the problem (bug) wasn't fixed. I think that it is surely a bug.
  11. Tritre

    Answered Moderator in Discord

    Hello, I have recently joined the discord (and I love it). But, my question is, how can we become the moderators there. I can't see any sort of Q&A there.
  12. Tritre

    Answered Thread closed

    Hello, who is having the authority of closing the topics and how does one get that power. I am asking cause two of my questions have been closed without any answer.
  13. Tritre

    Idea Clan chat

    How about a clan chat, here on the forums and in game ( which is under maintenance but completed at last )?
  14. Tritre

    Contest Full Genesect Lv. 100 Contest (Closed)

    They are legend but don't seem so.
  15. Tritre

    Idea Skill wheel of fortune

    But I think it is still confusing.