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  1. please. Please tell me the amount you want too. IGN : Tritre Discord: Ved#4127
  2. Hey guys! What's the purpose of following another user in the Pokemon vortex GAME? I mean, I never received any notifications though a user, who I follow, changed and configured his profile settings.
  3. Tritre

    Unanswered Dark mode

    I'm not sure about Pokemon-vortex's idea on this. You may raise this topic in the Ideas section. However, if the answer is negative, you may download dark theme extensions on Firefox. Hope this helps you.
  4. Tritre

    Universal Promo Codes

    How much exp?
  5. Tritre

    Necrozma Nexus


    When is it gonna start? Or has it ended already?
  6. Hello guys. I saw the Active Clans table in the forums home page. My questions are - 1. By which activity does the clan become active? 2. And, is there any benefit of having a clan on the forums other than changing the clan icon? 3. Is there any benefit of having an active clan in the forums. [ PS : I rose this question after checking whether this question was already asked ]
  7. Are you sure that it was the same E-mail you had linked with your account. What's your IGN?
  8. That's totally the owner's choice. I think it is a pretty good idea. But then, the battles will have to be made more harder and that can't be possible without a tough competition in online match. I think you should raise this as a feedback but again, as i have already said, it's the admin's choice.
  9. Hello guys. Can Pokemon vortex have an online battle arena? We can go like one player plays a move, then the other plays his move and so on. I was waiting forward to a new update for this, but I am impatient. Please consider this idea of mine cause then, Pokemon vortex will get more interesting.
  10. Yo guys! Can someone please tell me which maps we can obtain eevee Christmas? I want the map number. I dont understand if it is on ice maps or cave maps or both.
  11. Tritre

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    Shouldn't require money/auctions.
  12. Looking for Arceus (steel). Contact me in game to know my offers. IGN : Tritre
  13. Do you still want a or is it over?
  14. Oops! What's it doing on my latest topics' page then?
  15. Please try clicking the forgot password button. If not, please also check all the e-mail accounts you possess. If still not, you account must have been removed during v3 to v4 transitional time as many of the users faced the same problem.
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