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  1. Is this giveaway over yet? If not..... IGN : Tritre #4
  2. Greetings, Whenever I try to access the clan forum page, it says that the page was not found. Is it a bug, or is it undergoing some process?
  3. Tritre

    Answered Alolans

    Greetings, On which map will we be finding sandshrew (alolan) and vulpix (alolan)?
  4. You cannot really change your timezone once set. I am not sure whether V5 detects your timezone automatically, but since v4, we were asked to select a timezone and had to stick with it - forever. Try checking the options side-tab in the game.
  5. Greetings, Where can I find the pokemon location guide of V5?
  6. How many in number are they?
  7. Hi. Today is my first day in V5...Can somebody tell me where on the live maps can I find Galar region gyms?
  8. lol honestly thought you were dead

  9. Hello, Can somebody please tell me which forms of Arceus (events) have been released yet??
  10. Hello Pokémon Vortex! Can you provide for a customize number of items to be bought from the inventory? Because, if I want 9 pokeballs, I need to forcefully buy 10 of them and waste 1,500 pokedollars for an extra one (while buying ultra balls). Same customizing option for the pokebay star auction would make my day.
  11. Waiting for another giveaway, is this a non ending thread ?
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