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  1. Tritre

    Answered V4 Night Mode

    We can't change the day or night in v4. It will change itself automatically with the time given above beside the messages. That is bst. It's not in our hands.
  2. Tritre

    Art Briar's Digital Art [IMG Heavy]

    Never stop doing this man, these are better than my ART Teacher.
  3. Tritre

    Answered How do we increase our rankings in the game ??

    The rankings are not based wholly on experience. They are based on one's points. If you view the top trainers list, you will notice that their ranks decrease with points. Thus, points make rankings differ. You can get that by battling.
  4. I did 900 k too. It was my .
  5. Tritre

    Other Games you play

    Even I play all the GTAs.
  6. Tritre

    Answered Mobile chat

    Thanks dude.
  7. Tritre

    Answered Mobile chat

    Hi guys. I can't see any block list on the mobile chat ( the right Bottomost chat). If u have read my earlier report about the use of foul language, I have blocked my enemy. But he is using the mobile chat tab for all the ( you know what ) things. Please tell me how to block them there.
  8. Tritre

    Other Games you play

  9. Hi guys. Come and discuss which games u like apart from pokemon vortex. I like Gas and sand and Goodgame Empire.
  10. Tritre

    Answered Use of foul language

    Some users like (Name hidden) use foul language. U know any? Come and we'll stop 'em.
  11. Yo. Tritre here.
  12. Tritre

    Answered Everyone please answer me....

    I don't think so dude. The game uses our mobile's location and then states our country. I am American but I live in India. Still, my nationality is shown as Indian in this game. I am not sure so please correct me if I am wrong.
  13. When do you think that Pokemon vortex v5 will come into action?
  14. Tritre

    Answered Pokemon Vortex

    Hi guys. Can you please tell me how to subscribe Pokemon vortex? I am looking forward to subscribe it because I want a premium account. If I am wrong that we need to subscribe for getting premium account, please help me in getting help!!!