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  1. Tritre

    General Poke-joke

    Understood only till 1 point.
  2. Tritre

    General Poke-joke

    Hi. Guys. Post the best pokemon joke you think. Mine is :- Q: What did the judge say when a Skunktank came into the court? A: Odor in the court!
  3. Tritre

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Would do or you strictly want ?
  4. Tritre

    Idea Event Pitch

    I didn't give an idea, friend. It is a fact. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thu-Fi-Zer
  5. Tritre

    Answered Discord Server Bots

    Hello guys, how do I add bots to my server in Discord?
  6. Tritre

    Answered Auction timings

    Hello guys, what timings do the auctions follow? Is it our local time?
  7. Tritre

    Unanswered Clan Chat

    Hello guys, does anybody know why the clan chat feature was removed without even being released?
  8. Never came across any Arceus (Fighting) in my clan battles yet. Lol :D.

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    2. Tritre


      I didn't mean that friend. I mean, I have not battled with one yet.


    3. Unknown2222


      Lol, I see, its kinda random to see one during a battle 

    4. Tritre




  9. Tritre

    Answered Ping

    Hello guys, what actually is a ping? I am asking with reference to discord.
  10. Tritre

    Answered Battles in Event

    Sorry for troubling you again and again, Last question - Does that include not changing tabs?
  11. Tritre

    Answered Why have my account been banned

    Is that you sean69?
  12. Tritre

    Answered Battles in Event

    Ok. Thanks Auke.
  13. Tritre

    Answered Discord Content Deleting

    Hello guys, when we delete one of the content we ourselves have posted in discord, does it delete for only me or for the whole world?
  14. Tritre

    Idea Discord Quiz reminder

    It once gave me a reminder 30 secs after the quiz started, not before.
  15. Tritre

    General V3 lovers

    Oh. I have a bad history about wonder trade. So I don't miss it.