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  1. Hello Pokémon Vortex! Can you provide for a customize number of items to be bought from the inventory? Because, if I want 9 pokeballs, I need to forcefully buy 10 of them and waste 1,500 pokedollars for an extra one (while buying ultra balls). Same customizing option for the pokebay star auction would make my day.
  2. IGN : Tritre Favorite part : Such giveaways
  3. Waiting for another giveaway, is this a non ending thread ?
  4. Full heal does that work for me.
  5. Hello!! Please tell me what you need from my account.
  6. Please recall if you had seen a sign saying, "You caught a Wild Dark Tapu Bulu" with a green background. If no, you haven't caught it. If you have seen the message ( notification ), I would recommend you to repost this question in the 'Report Bugs' page on the forums. Good Luck.
  7. Hello Pokémon Vortex! I checked out on my profile yesterday, and I saw a batch saying I can't find Galar region legendaries yet. What do I have to do to unlock it? And which legendaries are Galar region legendaries?
  8. Well, that is really irritating. Their servers were down yesterday. You were not the only one with that problem.
  9. Pls provide screenshots to prove your problem. We Need firm proofs for every report in here.
  10. Offered. Please accept.
  11. Alright then. Please have it up for trade. I will offer.
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