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  1. Who ever got scammed by laven tell me, I will get it back for you (If he didnt releaas)
  2. And laven wants pokes like xurkitree, shiny inteleon and volcanion and probably more he wanted my 2m xp necrozma as bday gift?
  3. Yes, he told me his bday was yesterday, and he told tobyketchup his bday was day before yesterday!
  4. ANd why did you lie about the code then?
  5. IF you are not mateoyt you are still as bad a scammer as him
  6. Oh no, laven is scamming me currently, he has my xurkitree and many other pokes.
  7. Oh, I just found out he is not a scammer. Im talking about laven. He is about to give me a shiny arceus (fairy) and isn't a scammer...
  8. Laven is probably not a scammer..
  9. I have no idea. But, now there is no way of contacting him. He has messages off and he turned off the friend requests tday.
  10. I have been looking for clues and it turns out that matelinski could be the account of mateoyt. He recently transfered his pokes. But, the only ones remaining have the ot of matelinski. A few days ago mateoyt scammed many innocent people.
  11. Oh yeah, I just noticed that now.
  12. The winner of the contest is kyogreisthebeast and you win a dark mewtwo (mega y)! Plz contanct me in game and claim the prize! For all those who didn’t win, don’t worry! I will be mostly doing another good giveaway in the month of july! Thanks for your participation!
  13. How much for ho-oh and Arceus (rock)
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