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  1. Shiny caterpie christmas 1m xp for shiny hoopa?
  2. How much do you do in a day? If you can do 1-2m in a day, that would be cool!
  3. Also you will be coming back right?
  4. Sounds good! The only sad thing is that a lottery is illegal, sorry!
  5. Lol just realized ty for letting know lol
  6. Lol realized it’s over right now XD PS: I found a shiny ralts male. All yours for free!
  7. ign tritre biggest giveaway I have ever entered Favourite pokemon- Shiny Arceus (Unknown)
  8. Sorry but your points do not stand
  9. You cant ask people to pay, so there are rules, meaning it is 'illegal'
  10. Actually it is illegal lol
  11. 1.5M Pds for the Dark Zubat (Halloween)?

  12. You could literally get banned be careful I hope you realise its illegal
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