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  1. No one likes Koffing anyway so it would be an unpopular event Pokémon. (I mean, come on! Look at it!) But that's just my opinion.
  2. I disagree...there could be a system where you can only have a few accounts on your email. And more people would log in on their birthdays. It could make the game more popular. But thanks for the feedback.
  3. I will trade you Dialga level 100 for Shiny Mewtwo and Reshiram level 100 for your Shiny Squirtle
  4. No offense, I don't think Koffing is even a good Pokémon to model COVID-19 after. I know it rhymes, but it doesn't have anything else to do with coronavirus. The Pineco idea is so much better and makes more sense. That could definitely be used as a Christmas event Pokémon.
  5. I think a cool feature would be getting "gifts" when you log in on your birthday. Not just like a single promo code though, but different Pokemon and items and avatars too, but avatars that are rarer (like Shiny Mew!). Since your birthday is only once a year, I think you should get some pretty cool stuff. This would be a really cool feature in Pokemon Vortex.
  6. I have done all the Gyms in Pokemon Vortex and I realised one thing: Gladion is on Team Skull! I have watched the animated Pokemon: Sun and Moon (you should watch it!) and Gladion is not on Team Skull, he is against it. Maybe Gladion would be one of the Elite Four in the Alola Region? Someone needs to fix this!
  7. I can't change my clan icon. I have a clan called Pokemon Vortex USA. And on the game I have the clan and the clan icon, but whenever I put in the forum clan ID, it says, Your clan settings have been updated. But the icon never shows up! Is there anyone that can help me with this? My clan ID is 414. (By the way, I did press the save button.)
  8. Is the second O of Ho-Oh supposed to be capitalized in Pokémon Vortex? I realised it's Ho-oh in the game. Shouldn't it be Ho-Oh capitalizing the second O? I looked it up, and the second O of Ho-Oh is actually capitalized. Please fix the capitalization error in Vortex.
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