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  1. Hello there @TuneFist Can we be friends? 


  2. IGN:TuneFist I Hope I Win for 1 Prize
  3. This Contest Will End At November 24,2020 Ok So Hurry Up!
  4. Sorry My Favorite Pokemon Is Not Giratina Origin Ok So Sorry
  5. There Are Still More Questions You Have To Answer Them Now Ok Because If You Don't You Lose!
  6. I Know One Of You Are Using Google And That's Okay At Least Other Questions Are Hard
  7. The Prize Is: Riolu Avatar And Check Below 160,000 Exp Please Answer The Questions Bellow And Make Sure It's Correct And I Have Give Hints For All Of Them And There Will Be 70 Questions That Makes 70 Points And This Is Impossible So Be Ready! STARTER QUESTIONS! Hint: Water Types Starters: 1)Type:______ And ______2) Type:______ And ______3)Type:______ And ______4)Type:______ And_______ 5)Type:______
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