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  1. OMG I Almost Died By Babby246's Pokes But I Won! And What's Wrong Siren Head?
  2. wow Thank You Maybe The Other Next Questions Are Very Fun!
  3. My Friend On Pokemon Vortex Is Tony-Winning And Pannumons Stoled Pokes From Tony-Winning And What Did Pannumons Stole 3 Charmanders 3 ,3eevee's And 3 munchlax But The Only Thing That Pannumons Offer Is A Shadow Dialga But Tony-Winning Was Offering for a Arceus(Ice), Arceus(Water), Arceus(Steel), Shadow dialga, Shadow Tornadus, Shiny Tapu Lele But Pannumos Lied So Whenever You Bump Into Pannumon Just Block Pannumons On The Game and SERGRYSGF Block The Player Too Because SERGRYSGF Try To Steal Tony-Winnings Pokes! So Do Not Trade Them For Something Or Else You Are Been Steal By Pannumons an
  4. 1)Gladion,Ash,Korrina,Lillie,Lana,Mallow,Whitney,Wally,Drake,Blue,Lance,Seven Stone,Barry,Red,Cynthia,Serena,Bea And Last Clemont 2) Red/Blue 3)Clemont 4)Gladion 5)Alola Is The Best I Really Love Those Question I Want More!
  5. I won! Now Who Is Next To Fight Me!
  6. Can You Catch A Silvally By Any Variants?
  7. I Needed Level 6 Pokes And Thank You Auke1993 For Telling Me About How To Get Money By Using Training Accounts! If You Have 100 of level 6 pokes That Are Ghost,Dark,Normal,Flying,Ground,Steel, And Fairy Tell Me If Your Trading 100 Pokes That Are level 6! I Will Give Legendaries If You Are Trading Me 100 Pokes That Are Level 6! If You Have 100 Pokes That Are Level 6 I Will Give : If You Have 100 Variant Pokes That Are Level 6 I Will Give : If You Have 100 Shiny Pokes That Are Level 6 I Will Give : If You Have 100 Pokes That are Halloween And Christma
  8. I Needed A If You Have I Will Give My Legendaries Look At The Bottom What I Am Gonna Give For The Pheromosa That You Got ! So If You Have I Will Give These Legendaries On Top Of This Sentence !
  9. Oh Ok RockRuffBoy123 Hey Wait A Minute ! You Are My friend In Pokemon Vortex ! I Should Know Right?
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