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  1. Update list: Rare: Rare Variant: Legend: Legend Variant: Event: Event Variant: Promo Codes: 1x Kangaskhanite 1x Lucarionite 1x Manectite 1x Metangrossite 1x Pinsirite 5x Mewtwonite Xs (sold as 5) 1x Rotom (pokedex) 1x Volcanion --- Looking for: Also looking for Lv.100 pokemons.
  2. hey mate, sure will trade. my zygarde (complete) is in my trade list if you like.
  3. What I am interested on: But i am open to any offers as long as it is FAIR!!
  4. I will update these as often as I can Rares: Legends: Legends Variant: Event: Event Variant: I value them at sold prices in auction. Please be fair with offers. Offers must be equal or close to their prices. Feel free to pm me and i will reply as soon as I can. IGN: zhon Thank you all
  5. IGN: zhon Favourite pokemon: Zeraora / Lucario Favourite Food: French fries Thanks for doing this event mate
  6. @Babby246 sorry mate, not interested in much pokemon from your profile
  7. Updated List: Rares: Legendary: Legendary Variant: Event: Event Variant: All of these pokemons are in my trade list. Just put your offer there. IGN: zhon Thanks all
  8. @Babby246 - no thanks mate, not interested in eternatus. @kalipo - messaged you in game
  9. Hello, Trying to trade away some of my legends/dupe legends What I have: Rare: Normal Legends: Legends Variant: Event: Event Variant: Only looking for Multi Legends I do not have. Please offer fairly. All of these are in my trade. So send your offer there. Please do not message here as I am not always in this site. Will try and update these regularly. IGN: zhon Thanks all.
  10. I want cosmog


    1. jellyiscool


      i am ASHplayz


  11. Looking for multi legendaries. I only listed those legendaries as my fav ones to get. Please try not to lowball, thanks
  12. dont see much that i like mate soz
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