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  1. Me when giratina doesn’t let me catch it.   Dance Meme GIF by swerk

  2. Type this in in poke bay.        0003417316

  3. I wish u good luck my friend
  4. should i unfollow u too for unfollowing me for my opinion

  5. At least I can chat to u now

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    2. Regitwo


      So are u looking ZacianorZamazentabecause i have both

    3. nfl0


      im not looking for either im looking for rayquaza

    4. Regitwo


      Sure I do have Rayquazabut I want to trade it for a Palkia

  6. IGN regitwo. I just want to win even if it’s value is like a pidgey
  7. It seems like he does scam because of the section below the photos
  8. I like the charmander and the Squirtle but there is no Bulbasaur

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    2. Regitwo


      No it’s because I got a beast ball for 150k

    3. red_wolf_
    4. Regitwo


      Did u see mrbeast in the video

  10. I hope ash soon meets peony

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