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  1. i really dont care much about the cost unless its below 80k, but i can t find any legs(legendary) so i was hoping if anyone could help


    1. red_wolf_


      sure ive got a regigrock in my trade offer a pokemon you dont need

  2. hey bro if you wanna know the cost of things ask a player that is reliable in the community you can mostly find this people in trades

    1. Auke1993


      Another great way is using the !value command in the Vortex Discord, specifically the Bot Commands channel.

    2. foodviro2.0


      A lot of people dont use pv's discord tho lol

    3. iweimax0524


      good people are cap, red, viro, ash, nfl0, king, more...

  3. BTW Ill give a Mega venasour around lvl 50
  4. Im asking for a legendary pokemon(preferably mewtwo) around lvl 50 pls cause i cant really find any except that I have latias.
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