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  1. In the rules forum, specifically th trades thread forum, Patrick said leggies is a crude abriviation of legendary pokemon a that it shouldn’t be used. Idc I’m use curious.
  2. WHY IS SAYING LEGGIES BAD!??!?!?!???!?!??!
  3. LOL I WON THE DAY XD I didn’t even notice it

  4. \I have a lot of ideas so I’m gonna put them here. [HEALING ITEMS] so healing items, am i right? You use them just to be killed afterwards. I always end up using them to no avail. It might just be me, but I don’t think it is. Also, there are lots of healing items that aren’t in the game, like moomoo milk, healing roots, powders, and bitter herbs. These items would be fun to buy and use. This is entirely my opinion. [MAP CHANGES] Hear me out. I think maybe new towns or routes and islands are at hand. Lots of holidays like st. Patrick's day and Easter are long gone, so i think events and updates are owed to the people. A few examples: PEACHY BEACH, PEACHY CAVERN, ROUTE 26-35, SANDSTONE CAVERN, SANDSTONE PEAK. Those could be cool names, right? Anyways, i would also think housing would be cool, you know. Like you could buy furniture with currency and furnish your home with stuff. So that would be cool in my opinion. [MERCHANTS] Move trainers are a must. Move trainers are logical and convenient when traveling and would be fun to find. Traveling merchants would also be cool to find. They would sell pokeball pouches (bulk) and healing items galore, not to mention rare Pokémon like Vaporeon or charmander depending on the region. It would also be cool if there were Booths and stands across the map that sell common pokemon and poke balls for half off depending on the day. This is just my opinion, though. [SELLING] there NEEDS to be a selling addition to pokemon vortex. I think it would benefit the game. Being able to sell pokemon and items would be great for lots of people in my opinion. Like maybe merchants could buy your items based on your region so that it couldn’t be abused in some way. it could be a challenge to find the merchants of that region and sell items from that region to the traders. Also maybe with the trading, there could also be a hot items type of thing that lets certain traders to buy your items for x2-x4 the profit than normal depending on the day of the week. Only my opinion tho. [WEATHER] personally, i think it would be fun to have weather, like a windstorm that like slowly moved your player in a direction, or a hail storm that made finding pokemon slightly harder to find, or a rainstorm/thunder storm that made water or electricity types easier to find and made rares more common. i just think weather would be a cool addition, and i know that there is snow in route 14–15, but i think other weather would be cool too. this is just my opinion, but i hope this becomes a real thing. [CONSTRUCTION] someone else thought of this, and i thought it was really cool. What if people could create their own maps/routes and post them in a sort of gallery to be explored and played? and to stop abuse or harassment, you could remove their ability to create or view maps and routes for a certain amount if time for depending on the offense. also, maybe you could gain the ability by collecting a certain pokemon or by completing all ribbons or getting a hammer tool. Just my opinion tho. [CATCHING POKÉMON] i think that pokemon catching should have increased chance to be successful without damaging pokemon. There is too high of a risk of fainting a Pokémon when trying to weaken it to catch it, and i think that can get very annoying very fast and it risks losing legendaries that people work very long to find. That’s just my opinion. [VORTEX CITADEL] I think that the vortex citadel is boring and just a background part of the game despite being the heart of the map. personally, i think it would be cool to make the vortex citadel a more important part of the map. A few ideas include: UPDATE POLL: a poll that players can use to participate in minor changes in the map or updates to add to the community. CITADEL LOBBY: a lobby inside of the vortex citadel that acts as a plaza for community hang-outs, events, and purchases. TROPHY CASE: a trophy wall of sorts that allows other people to view other people’s ribbons, badges, and achievements. WISHING FOUNTAIN: a fountain in the middle of the citadel that will grant you a wish when offered a special coin. i think that the vortex citadel should be the beating heart of the map and should have a very diverse community. That’s just my opinion tho. [CAVES AND CAVERNS] the scorched sanctum is really cool. It is by far my second favorite part of the map. I think it would be awesome to see more caves that connect to several routes/towns/cities. Also is think underwater exploration would be really cool, like an underwater city that is surrounded by a glass dome, or a bunch of caves underwater that can only be explored with a snorkel or another special item in your inventory. Also, i think a more diverse cave system would be cool. The midnight crypt is cool, but the cave section in the far right is messy and has lots of inaccessible parts that would be cool to access. also, i feel like a cave/cavern under star fall and route 21/22 with multi colored crystals and mushrooms could be cool. that’s just my opinion tho. [SERVERS AND MAPS] what if there were servers that were each full of different things? Like a bunch of different maps that could be accessed via articuno, zapdos, or moltres? Alternatively, it could be a boat at a dock that you need a keycard/boarding pass to access? i feel like a new transportation system would make players more exited and entertained to move around and explore and farm for Pokémon. Maybe the new maps could replace the different biomes, like a lava themed map and snow/ice themed map? I think this would be cool, but that’s just my opinion. [ROLES] I think it would be cool to have roles that give you specific perks, including but not limited to: POKE-BALL SPECIALIST: get a free 20x poke balls + 5x great balls every Monday and Friday. POKEMON BREEDER: get 2 starter Pokémon instead of 1 at the beginning of a playthrough. DOCTER: 20% chance to get 1-10 free healing items with every purchase. FARMER: 35% more likely to encounter rare grass types in any grassy route/town. POKEMON BRAWLER: gain a 30% attack boost for all fighting type attacks on any Pokémon. COLLECTOR: gain the ability to have 7 pokemon on your team rather than 6 (needs all ribbons). COMPETITIVE SWIMMER: 20% more likely to encounter rare water types in any body of water. BLACKSMITH: 10% more likely to encounter legendary steel/fire types where they can be encountered. (Needs all ribbons) I think roles could be cool to experiment with and would make the game like 5% better. Also, you would need to get every ribbon to unlock roles like blacksmith ,collector, poke-ball specialist, and pokemon brawler. This is all just my opinion tho. [JOBS] This might sound like the roles section above, but it is different. My idea is that you can take up jobs around the map like finding a certain pokemon for an NPC or giving a sick NPC a full heal or finding caves and stuff for them. You get the idea. It would be cool to complete these jobs for money depending on the job/task, since new players sometimes have a difficult time getting money to buy poke-balls. Just my opinion tho. [COSMETICS] wouldn't it be cool To have a colored player tag? I think it would. What if after creating an account on the forums, you could purchase player tag colors and effects for cosmetic purposes? I think that would be pretty awesome. Also, what if you could buy clothing for your character? I know the characters are insignificant for the most part, but i still think buying jewelry, clothes, and accessories would be interesting for creative people such as myself. Just my opinion tho. [TELEPORTING AND TRANSPORTATION] What if there was a tool that could create a portal to teleport you and your friends to a different route or town? Alternatively, you could complete a quest that would give you the ability to teleport to any part of the map that you want like 3-5 times a day, and you could upgrade it to 7-12 times a day by collecting computer chips and pokemon or something. Alternatively, you could find bus stops around the map every 2 routes or so that you can wait at to catch a bus to any route. You could also catch a pokemon that would allow you to fly to any route, like articuno, zapdos, and moltres. Just my opinion tho. [INVENTORY] I definitely think that the inventory system needs a rework. I personally have never gone into inventory very often and for good reason. 1: the system is sloppy in my opinion. The text is too small to read and there shouldn't be slots for items that players don’t have. 2: the inventory isn’t very important. The inventory button is hidden and basically useless since it isn’t really needed for anything unless you really need to check something, which is hard to do since it is so poorly organized. i think there should be a inventory button on the UI of the screen that doesn’t need to be accessed via “my account”. These problems being fixed would make the inventory more useful in my opinion. [POKEBAY AUCTIONS] I think lots of things could be better in the auctions section. What if you couldn’t make bids at least 1 minute before the end of the auction? What if there was a X button to exit a specific auction, not reset the whole browse auctions tab? also, what if you couldn’t set a price for over 2,000,000? Also, what if you couldn’t set a price lower than the store price for items? I think these ideas are pretty good. Just my opinion tho. [DAY-NIGHT CYCLE] I think that the day-night cycle is messed up, and while the day-night cycle does offer different pokemon, i have a few ideas to make it better. BRIGHTNESS CONTROL: A settings button that allows you co control the brightness and darkness of day and night. TIME CYCLES: A settings button that allows you to change the time type between military and clockwise time zones. DIVERSE POKEMON: A fix that allows more diverse and rare pokemon to be more common depending on the time. i think these ideas are worth putting down, but this is just my opinion. [SETTINGS AND OPTIONS] The setting menu sucks. I have a few things that might fix it. TIME SETTINGS: allows players to control the time zone they are in and switch between clockwise and military time. PLAYER SETTINGS: allows players to view and edit what is shown in their profile and achievements. GRAPHIC SETTINGS: allows the player to switch between FPS preferences, not just slightly more pixelated graphics. KEYBIND SETTINGS: allows players to edit keybinds and switch between touch screen and keyboard control. Settings should really be updated in my opinion. [STORIES, LORE, AND QUESTS] Wouldn't it be cool to have special quests to go on around the map? What if there were quests to find a pokemon, or an item? Or maybe discover a region? And completing a quest could give players rewards depending on time to completion or type of quest that the player completed. Also, what if there was a story/arc to pokemon vortex? What if a professor actually gave players a starter? What if there was lore to the game? What if there was actually an end goal to the game? Like maybe the player would have to press a button in every major region in order to unlock a final boss pokemon battle? this is all just my opinion, but i think it might benefit pokemon vortex to have some lore.
  5. Those are some pretty awesome ideas my guy!
  6. I’m kinda sad that Cosmog is stuck in discord quiz shop since I don’t have discord. I personally feel like it should be released as a legendary Pokémon but that is just my opinion. Will it ever make it to Pokémon vortex?
  7. Dear lord have mercy. This guy literally looks like a giant balloon animal. One share object or claw move and BOOM! Also the plastic rubber rubbing against plastic rubber would be deafening. I would literally lose my sanity within a month if I caught this in an anime.
  8. Ye we should definitely get to change our usernames. I think only twice a month, meaning once every two weeks or so
  9. I agree 99% with this. HOWEVER, not everybody has access to discord, such as myself.
  10. so I’ve been thinking and sketching lots of things out LIKE A PRO…and I think that my ideas are worth posting here at the very least (props to Patrick for telling me abt this) so I’m just gonna put some of my ideas down here! |GO BACK (X) OPTION| personally, I think that it would be better for pokEBAY and other things if there was a way to back out of a recently opened item such as a esclusive auction or any auction at all. When you leave the auction, you are sent back to the very start and I think it is a bit annoying and tedious to have to search all your preferences and items all over again multiple times. This wastes not only time but also energy and is overall an unnecessary evil and I would appreciate it being fixed |NEW MAP CHANGES| I feel like the map has gone unchanged for way to long, and I think it would draw players to the game if there was change in the map! One thing would be underwater mobility and underwater caves. I also think more desert areas like route six and seven would be nice, as well as more grass in desert areas. And maybe more areas with a biome type like route nine! As well as possibly a sky map? A sky map is a little outlandish BUT it would be awesome to use zapdos to fly up to a cloud type kingdom like an extension of vortex citadel. |EASTER EVENT| I think that an Easter event with new skins, players, avatars, items, and quests would be amazing! Imagine doing a Pokémon hunt in each region? or finding special items in bushes that you need to defeat Pokémon to collect? Or heal items finally being worth buying? I think all of these would be great for the game, but that is only my opinion. There are reasons this wouldn’t work, like farming, hacking, spamming heals, or others. However, I think that an Easter EVENT would be awesome. |UPDATED GUI| personally, I think the GUI for the game is a bit goofy, and while I’m not bothered by it or anything, it could be better. Like what if the trades, notifications, and requests buttons were bigger? Or maybe in the corner of the screen you could see what route/town/city you were in? Or maybe a proper time zone, like 12:00 to 12:00? Not everybody knows military time zones, you know. Also it would be cool to have an actual Pokedex show up when clicking the Pokedex button, or a screen that shows you a ring of your item categories when pressing inventory? I think all of these ideas could be good, but that’s just my opinion. |BUILDINGS AND SHOPS| now, I realize that there are already buildings you can go into, such as nightshade chapel, BUT I think better buildings and shops would be cool. like an actual pokémart that appears differently in each city/town. Like in New Haven it would be a farmers market or an outdoor covered roof market. And in steelmouth it would be a large steel building that you walk into. I also think that houses would be fun. Like purchasing a home in New Haven to chill,view ribbons and trophies, and pass time with mini games maybe? This is just my opinion, but I think it would be cool. |FIN| thank you so much Patrick for telling me about this page, you are the best!
  11. Also what does the little red hand mean cuz I’m seeing it on lots of peoples profiles including mine 

    1. Puddles


      Yeah I’m also wondering what it means 

      Ive never noticed it until recently :o

    2. Stinkygoober0930
  12. He’s just so cute and sleepi

  13. Is grinding to afford a Snorlaxite even worth it

  14. I spend like 20% of my time in pokEBAY and the other 80% in routes and cities grinding for legendaries hehe

  15. I wanna talk about any fun or cool ideas and wishes for the game’s future that may or may not become reality. Whether its meltan candy or an overpowered pokemon, its just supposed to be a fun idea page that Patrick may or may not see.
  16. I hope these are seen by Patrick and at least given a second thought because I would love to see at least one of these things come to reality

  17. 1: Easter skins for Pichu, Eevee, Pikachu, Richu, and mimiku.

    2:second smaller map that is accessible by completing a Pokémon hunt.

    3:additional beach biome called peachy beach with a cave called peach cavern.

    that connects to scorched sanctum.

    4:updated time cycle that includes real time from 12:00am to 12:00pm in a span of one hour.

    5:releasing Cosmog to be obtained after collecting all legendary pokemon at least once.

    6:sky map only accessible with a legendary bird (articuno,Zapdos,moltres).

    7:updated Pokédex that shows all evolutions of a Pokémon that is searched up.

    8:meltan candies that can be bought for 10,000 each, gotten with mystery boxes, won in a lottery, or by defeating legendary steel types.

  18. In case Patrick reads my page for some reason

    i wanna make a list of every idea I have

  19. Idk if Patrick even takes ideas but I think my ideas might be worth listening to tbh

  20. I really wanna talk to Patrick about my ideas for Pokémon vortex cuz I have sum very creative ideas

  21. Btw can Patrick make Gigantamax Pokémon and maybe release discord stuff like meltan candies and Cosmog 

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