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  1. Umm let me think about the offer for a while Nah man not looking for leggies for events Have no specific price in mind and as for your offer I shall talk it over with my partners and reply to you
  2. No thnx m8 @MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr. choose an event or fossil pokemon carefully and fairly
  3. Ign london456 and thnx for the giveaway haxor
  4. @Mr.Magnificent deal with this offer I don't know what to reply so u decide
  5. It's for swap for any other unique cosplay. Mainly rockstars
  6. Nice trade thread u guys madever magnificent and amank
  7. Already have shadow electric. Will trade mystic electric for a dark one Already have it. Need dark electric mystic one @Uncle_Psychic sorry for double posting. Please correct it
  8. My for ur ? If yes then offer up. It is uft in london456. If ur interested in anything else I have uft do tell me
  9. Sorry don't have dark and metallic water any more. Traded them for shadow phd
  10. My offer for it is ,Shadow Arceus (Electric), Mystic Arceus (Electric) and a dark water
  11. Trading shadow, dark, metallic and normal water for same type of electrics. Ign xhorrorx
  12. Dude this ain't a giveaway thread. We shall do a giveaway at the end of October though.
  13. Sorry man already have it Oh okay thnx for telling me the rates
  14. Or 2 cores? Depends u can get cores for it normal ones since normal kyurem black and white are worth like 6.5 to 8 mill xp each
  15. @Sneezeball u really are a life saver
  16. Aww Bro good luck for ur exams. Return soon my pal
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