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Hey, all.


I'm running a mini exp shop where I train 100-500K experience on your Pokemon in exchange for various goodies like money, pokemon etc.


Money Rates

100K exp - 300K cash

200K exp - 500K cash

300K exp - 700K Cash

400K exp - 900K Cash

500K exp - 1m Cash

and so on and so forth.


Current Jobs:-

Dark Growlitheto 1m exp for Dav0

Arceus (Fairy)to 700k for  Ikweetniet

Mystic Guzzlord to 500k for Dhanush_Tanai


I'm on Discord, too - my tag being Yousy#7777; DM me on there for a faster response.


And for everyone in AW and AW2....


AW members get 100-300k for FREE.
AW2 members get 100-150k for FREE.
This is anytime. As you can see from above, they are all AW members, and are thus my first priority.



I'm biased. That's it.


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