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  1. Neor

    Answered Price of an avatar

    Guys i haven't been playing lately like for about 1 year so could anyone tell me the price of an arceus avatar
  2. woohoo guys its my birthday today!


  3. Neor

    Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    Is it broken or all on one Mon. I need a little more context. well its your wish tho if you want it broken then it shall be if you want it on one mon then it too shall be!
  4. Neor

    Universal Buying/Trading For EXP *Updated

    hey man i want how much exp do you require for it?
  5. hey guys i have a which im willing to trade and im looking for or a if youre interested then post here
  6. Neor

    Universal Optic Trading

    my for your and?
  7. can you do a + shadow xmas or kyurem white?
  8. eespoor what will you give for a
  9. I am mainly looking for events and dps, so please make an offer well i dont know
  10. Neor


    gathering em in two days maybe
  11. Neor

    Universal Optic Trading

    No thank you then what do you want for your
  12. Neor

    Universal Optic Trading

    heya bro i have + ++ i want or unique kyurem formes and shiny pika belle or meta libre
  13. what do you want for or