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Answered Active Forum Clans


Hello guys. I saw the Active Clans table in the forums home page. My questions are -

1. By which activity does the clan become active?

2. And, is there any benefit of having a clan on the forums other than changing the clan icon?

3. Is there any benefit of having an active clan in the forums.


[ PS : I rose this question after checking whether this question was already asked ]

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A clan is classed as "active" on the forums when any number of actions are performed within the clan such as:

  • Someone joining
  • Someone leaving
  • A thread being created
  • A thread being replied to
  • The clan was just created

There is only one benefit to a clan being on the recently active list and that is it's simply more visible and accessible to someone looking to join a clan so they're more likely to join that clan as it requires less searching.

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