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    Answered Messages

    Hello guys, why are we allowed to send only one message in a minute here, in forums? Does this damage this game in any way?
  2. Tritre

    Event Next Wanted Event!

    I am so so waiting for that. Hope that Pat sir's on it.
  3. Tritre

    Unanswered View profile

    Hello, I played this game from a mobile. There, in the mobile chat tab, in the settings option, i could see an option 'View the user's profile'. I had used it several times but the next day onwards, it didn't show up. What was that?
  4. Tritre

    General Lost It

    This is natural. Take a break and just wait for Sir Patrick's new events. Then tell me how you are attracted back.
  5. What would it be like?? ARCEUS WEDS SHINY CATERPIE.
  6. Tritre

    Event Next Wanted Event!

    How about ?
  7. I caught all the ultra beasts i wanted today. So it was great. I caught a and a .
  8. Tritre

    General CRONILE

    What's this topic for?
  9. Tritre

    Universal Pokemon Hunting service

    Meet me in my ign, tritre.
  10. Tritre

    General Sidequest Team

    Samurott, raichu, dark glalie mega, zekrom, raikou, ho-oh.
  11. Tritre

    General How old were you back then and now?

    Was 10 and I am currently 11.
  12. Tritre

    General What's Your STRONGEST Pokémon

    Experience wise - . Powerwise -
  13. Posted 21 contents just in half an hour today.

  14. Tritre

    Resolved lost account

    You were banned because you violated certain points of the policy. Bottling is not allowed. Please read the privacy policy and terms of service.
  15. Tritre

    Universal Have some rares, Shiny rotoms, primal Groudon

    Then take anything you need from my account. IGN : Tritre.