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    Answered latiosnite

    Well, without asking this question, you could have directly searched for latiosnite in the poke-bay auctions' search bar. If still no one has it listed for auctions, you can join the Pokemon Vortex discord community. You will find the people who would help you find a latiosnite.
  2. Lo siento, no entiendo qué es este concurso. ¿Se terminó?
  3. Hello Pokemon vortex! What are featured clans and how can one clan leader make their clan featured?
  4. Hello Pokemon Vortex! Recently, I have observed that Pokemon Vortex servers are currently running slow in my area. It was fast earlier, I have checked my ping, internet and all and I seem to be clear of all connectivity issues. I don't know why this problem occurred out of nowhere, because earlier, it was damn fast. Please consider and look into my issues.
  5. Hello Pokemon Vortex! An idea struck me. If pokemon vortex had a committee that could extend loans to users for rate of interests, it would really help some people, especially the new ones. You could choose a rate of high interest for which you would deposit money, others would loan your money and give the principle back along with the interest. This would boost up the currency too (though it's a game's currency). If the user fails to repay the loan in the fixed time period, he can be punished by giving a relative 'Experienced Pokemon' which would fit in the loan. The concept is almost similar to the Pokebay Auctions. Please let me know your opinions over this and drawbacks, if serious.
  6. No dude, he is indicating to ones who he wants to invite. If somebody applies to your clan, you get a request in the requests list saing __user__ wants to join your clan. I got him right.
  7. Send us the screenshots which prove he has hacked your account ( or any other convincing proof ). And please make sure you don't give password to anyone in the future.
  8. In the game, you can visit the profile of those people who you want to invite and click the Clan Invite option on the top. Over here, DM them.
  9. On the forums home page, you will see a subtitle called the Pokémon Vortex Central. Under this, there is an option called Provide ideas and feedback. That’s your answer.
  10. 1. If you did something against the Pokemon Vortex terms and conditions, you must have got banned. Sorry, mate, you won't get your account back then. 2. If your account was hacked, make sure you report it using the report segment of Pokemon Vortex forums. 3. If you have forgotten your email id : you have to check up all your email ids to receive the password reset email. 4. If you played inn v3, many accounts and pokemons with trainers were deleted during the transition to v4. Good luck with that mate.
  11. Pokemon vortex servers are currently swamped. It is not only you who is facing this issue. This consent has been brought to the admins' attention. Please be patient.
  12. If anyone can trade me their Arceus (Unknown), please let me know. 

    Discord : Ved#4127

  13. Hello Pokemon Vortex! Is there anyway Arceus (Unknown) would be obtainable during the event period sometime in the future? Or , is it never to be found again...cause very few people have it.
  14. The events may return, but the versions wont. The event badges would be filled in the current version - version 4.
  15. I would go with Vaporeon as water pokemons are my favorite.
  16. Firstly, we are currently in version 4. version 6 would be decades away. version 5 is the next version and well, i think the admins will try to make this website more simplistic, add a change email addresses option and work on all those features which are currently unavailable. PS : None of this has been approved or officially declared by the admins or the moderators. This is purely my perception what I have posted.
  17. According to original TV show, it has always been Arceus and it will continue to be. But in the game, it varies as every pokemon has some or the other weaknesses.
  18. has always been my favorite pokemon. So, it is pretty clear that my favorite pokemon type is Water.
  19. The new training accounts have been updated. Please check them on the wiki. TrainingGround and all other accounts are no longer supported.
  20. Well, it isn't an event. It will be a permanent feature of the Pokemon Vortex game. The date for its release haven't officially been announced. I was pondering on the same issue. Maybe, we'll have to wait till version 5. Nobody knows.
  21. Please provide screenshot to support your issue. Check your browser settings for the same and send us screenshots so that we can look into the issue.
  22. I am sorry but the screenshot link you provided is not working when I click it. Please provide the screenshot again so that we could look into the issue.
  23. You can join my clan, international rank : 23
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