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Answered How to catch legendaries and on which routes?


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29 minutes ago, EliteBlade said:

I hve unlocked all the regions but I don't know how to encounter a legendary,please give me tips....

the encounter rate of a legendary pokemon is very low, so it takes time to find one.
sometimes if you are lucky u might find one but usually you must explore for quite a while to find one, even i dont usually find legendaries so easily. and if you think everytime you find legendary, the percentages of finding another one will get lower, then you are wrong, however everytime you find legendary you must explore quite long again to find another one, and even if you do already explore for long, and dont find a legendary, that means your having a bad luck.
here is link to see which legendaries you can find at which route https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Locations

i hope this helps

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Try check pokemon vortex wiki


to get there faster, press the button in the bottom left of your screen. it's like a pokeball but square

you can check locations there, just see in which routes you can get these.


Just for your information, this doesn't mean that you will always get the legendary, its kind of hard.


I hope this helps

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