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  1. Hello Everyone

    Thanks for everyone who knows and supports me
    Also just saying that I will be leaving PV
    I dont rlly have the time to play PV anymore

    I mean yes maybe not completely leave sometimes maybe I will check on stuff, but yeah

    So bye

  2. bleh bleh bleh i already said u can hv it back its on my trades
  3. yes i can, but idk when i can start i still have school and also quite busy my schedule lately
  4. okayy?? well do u want to trade anything from me? cuz its a trading post
  5. I dont rlly need except if u make them
  6. Hello, idk if this is offer since my pikachu libre had some exp so i'll tell u when i know if its fair or not Thanks!!
  7. @Intensity i declined ur offer cuz u forgot bout the shadow ho-oh pls also tick both their boxes. thank you.
  8. no u should offer on mine and do both of them at the same one
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