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  1. Added more starters and adding some more rares and legends

    going to add another Ultra Beast tomorrow or 2 more days so stay tuned!!!


  2. Added more starters and rares and legends!! I've got a lot of duplicates so trade with me now
  3. ooh ok idk what i want from u tho so can u pls make ur own offer
  4. How much is ashiny deoxysworth in pds??


    1. jamorant


      in my opinion probably 150 to 170k since it's not the events dexoys 

    2. Captaincam1


      These have been quite popular from what ive seen i'd say 900k-1 mil

    3. Cha_Fey_S


      ooh thanks ppl r just trying to get this one shiny deoxys in pokebay and its become almost 2m now

  5. oops I guess I accidently didnt press edit last time i deleted it
  6. ooh ok but right now I am training someone else's is it okay if you wait till I've finished with the others?
  7. Sorry, not trading that for now. Pls dont ask why
  8. I'm not giving for free sorry it was hard to get So u hv to offer if u want it and make it fair ok
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