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Whats Your Current Pokemon Team

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-Guys You can just Showcase your pokemon team in this topic,People can also discuss about the pokemon team

-You can also tell us how Important is the pokemon team for you



Serapheon's Pokemon team :

Shiny%20Ralts.gif Shiny Ralts
Level: 100 HP: 500
Exp: 1,812,279
Shiny%20Pansear.gif Shiny Pansear
Level: 100 HP: 500
Exp: 10,041,386
Shiny%20Kirlia.gif Shiny Kirlia
Level: 100 HP: 500
Exp: 3,001,475
Shiny%20Pansage.gif Shiny Pansage
Level: 100 HP: 500
Exp: 6,087,082
Shiny%20Gardevoir.gif Shiny Gardevoir
Level: 100 HP: 500
Exp: 11,555,545

Shiny Panpour
Level: 100 HP: 500 Exp: 1,030,010


I love Gardevoir its my cutie :x

The tiny monkey pokemons make a very good team and they look really cool 

This is my pokemon team forever it took a long time for me to find these pokemons.Thanks a lot for people who helped me to get these pokemons 

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Shiny Arceus (Fairy)    My first donation poke traded       Dark Sableye (Mega)My first pokemon to learn Punishment

Zygarde (Complete)          My first fusion event   Shiny DialgaMy first Roarer of time

Shiny Pikachu (Christmas)      First Christmas pokemon       Dark Charizard (Mega X)First Dark type pokemon

All these pokemon I'm using to complete Sinnoh sidequests again.XD.

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I'm currently catching and training Pichus, so my current team is:


Shadow PichuLevel 18 Metallic PichuLevel 100 Dark Pichu Level 100 Pichu Level 100 Aron Level 9 Deerling (Spring) Level 18

But my favorite team is all Level 100, and I like it because it's the team I use in my dreams:


FennekinFemaleRapidashFemale (Used to be a Ponyta whom I called Star, and yes, that is where my username comes from)Pikachu (Pop Star)Female (In my dreams, it's just a normal Pikachu, but I like dressed-up pokemon as you can probably tell by my profile picture)CharmanderMalePiplupFemaleTimburrMale


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Shiny Houndoom (Mega) Wanted a mega on my team and the shiny is soo pretty :D

Shadow ZapdosThe random pokémon I got after the rollback ^^

Mystic MeganiumI just really like Meganium(& the 2nd second gen)

Dark FeraligatrReminded my of one of my old cards, dark Feraligatr.

Shiny GliscorAgain, pretty shiny and I love the design :P

GirafarigOne of my favourite pokémon :)

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Yveltal Exp: 34,869,334

Shiny Gourgeist (Average) Exp: 32,254,000

Gastly Exp: 28,138,918

Shiny Sableye (Mega) Exp: 20,461,000

Dark Sableye (Mega) Exp: 20,002,000

Metallic Giratina Exp: 18,291,000

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Mystic TogekissMystic AzumarillMystic Arceus (Fairy)Metallic SylveonMetallic WigglytuffMetallic Clefable is my current party since i like fairy and mystic+metallic by their looks and i find happiness pokes cooler than any legendaries:)

In battle, i use 3xDark Sableye (Mega)(punishment one-hits almost everything, is immune to normal&fighting&psychic) and 3x Dark Skuntank(has punishment+explosion, one hits 99% of all pokes+ beats fairy types that cause trouble to sableyes)

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