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  1. Giveaway

    charizard_king_ 888
  2. Giveaway

    @Uncle_Psychic congratz bro fan art is this- i just googled it i dont know much. Number is- 88(my friend's lucky numbers hopes that will help me also)
  3. Game

    1, but favorite that is charizard for me. Would you rather catch Mewtwo or Arceus?
  4. Game

    falling from aeroplane as i think death by drowning is worst death. Would you rather want unlimited gems of clash of clan or that of clash royale?
  5. Game

    stomach pain would you rather want to became Richest person in world with no respect or a person who have no money but lots of respect?
  6. Giveaway

  7. Giveaway

    charizard_king_ i know that I will not win but i will try
  8. will v4 come ever?

    it is been 1 year since the teaser was realeased

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    2. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      Zeus is right, you don't need to be a kid. Just ask @xShadowz_.

    3. rishivojjala014-2


      lol i know cause im not a kid myself :P i was just  KID-ding

    4. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy
  9. Events

    ok then i am not interested
  10. Events

    bro you are the one you told me 2 waters are equal to 1 unique complete. now you are forgetting it
  11. Events

    if i can get any unique complete or multiple arceus water (unique)
  12. Events

    do you want metallic complete?
  13. Giveaway

    ign- charizard_king_ well i know i will not win this one
  14. Pokémon

    in any order? can i challenge them multiple times if i lose? pls mention these rules also
  15. Pokémon

    my showdown name is same as here so can i challenge any elite?