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  1. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading Dark belle for other rare events or donation if possible
  2. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Not interested in them Not interested in them
  3. Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading metallic complete for any rare event
  4. Universal HHH123s Welcome Back Trade center!

    pikachu cosplay for my metallic complete?
  5. Mobile Pokemon Duel

    played it a while ago but then was bored

    88 ign- charizard_king_
  7. Universal God needs yer Pokemon not yer prayerz

    i have those digletts your offer? i need events only
  8. Giveaway My First And Last Giveaway (Updated Prizes!! )

    ign-charizard_king_ anime- Dragon ball super Song- Evolve from imagine dragon
  9. Giveaway Dark Kyurem (Black) Giveaway

    charizard_king_ 888
  10. Giveaway Yer Uncle's giveaway

    @Uncle_Psychic congratz bro fan art is this- i just googled it i dont know much. Number is- 88(my friend's lucky numbers hopes that will help me also)
  11. Game Would you rather?

    1, but favorite that is charizard for me. Would you rather catch Mewtwo or Arceus?
  12. Game Would you rather?

    falling from aeroplane as i think death by drowning is worst death. Would you rather want unlimited gems of clash of clan or that of clash royale?
  13. Game Would you rather?

    stomach pain would you rather want to became Richest person in world with no respect or a person who have no money but lots of respect?
  14. Giveaway Legend Farewell Giveaway

  15. Giveaway i make giveaway brosis

    charizard_king_ i know that I will not win but i will try