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Both Health and attack power according to rarity and evolution

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In the pokemon series, legendary pokemon are much stronger and has more health
but in here, like the only thing that makes a difference in a pokemons strength are levels, and then all health and power increases
and also if you evolve your pokemon, its supposed to have more power and health, but in here, its still the same even if you evolve
and the power of a move is same with legends and commons (ex: solarbeam does 300 damage with bulbasaur but it ALSO does 300 damage using celebi if both level 100)
So maybe you can make the power of a legendary pokemon and normal pokemon different :) 
next thing is about attack power, in the change attack, there is a list of attacks, including the name, power, type, price and accuracy.
the first time one of my pokemon reach lvl 100, i tought that if i buy an attack that causes 100 damage, it will do 100 damage, but it actually does more, and i became confused on how it actually dealt more then it says 100 damage, so can u pls change the power to precisely how much damage it will do on an opponent
i would like everybody feedback

(and idk if this idea/feedback was already submitted or not)

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The damage of a move depends on the user's level, so it'd be impossible to list the exact damage output for a move in the store or something like it.
Attacking Dark Pokémon and defending Metallic Pokémon also change the damage inflicted, and then we're not even talking about resisted or super effective moves.
I'm fine with how it is here. A move's power shows how strong the move is. Damage output from Kyogre vs. Squirtle is different because of the Base Stats of the Pokémon. The Base Stats are not part of Vortex, which is why a Surf from both these Pokémon deals the same damage.

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