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Hello Admins,the reason i am posting this is my Account was banned for no reason.I had a conversation with Flamescape in discord that a scammer asked for my pass and i also told him that he has other accounts that he has transferred my pokemons and pokedollars.I dont know his account has he had removed it from recent trades in my account I got my account through Password recovery system but My account was banned with no reason.Please lift the ban as My account didn't deserve it.

@Patrick @flamescape

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When you first approached me on Discord, you told me that someone had tricked you into giving them your username & password. You also asked me to delete all of the pokemon he took from you and to ban his account.


When I asked why it took you 2 days to report the theft after it had occurred, you made up some story about how you couldn't connect to me because of a lockdown in my city (this is nonsense).


After I interviewed the person you asked me to ban, he provided dozens of screenshots showing evidence that you sold him your account for 7,500 rupees.


This is against the rules. You should know this.



Judging by your login history and from what I've read in Discord, it is clear to me that you have not played this game since November.  You simply seem to be hanging around on the chance that you might be able to sell pokemon/pokedollars to another player for real money.  I don't see why I should restore your account only for you to proceed to try selling it again; it seems like a waste of my time.


I also noticed that your account is carrying several dozen event pokemon which were rewarded from daily logins over the last few years. All of these pokemon appear to trace back to many accounts that were created solely for the purpose of harvesting daily login rewards.  This is an abuse of the system and is banworthy in its own right.


There is no chance of your account being unbanned. Go play somewhere else.

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