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Rotom Halloween


Hello, may I know when the Rotom Halloween was given out as an event pokemon? I went onto sneezeball's post under "Guides" about Events and Unobtainable Pokemon, but it didn't say much about Rotom Halloween except that it was an event.

Details about the event (eg how long it ran for, when the event occurred etc) would be much appreciated, thanks!

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Rotom (Halloween) was given out to people who defeated a trainer in the Event Center called Creeper which lasted a week starting October 31st 2015.

Beat it once for a Normal Rotom (Halloween) and beat the rematch with more powerful Pokémon to get a random special type.

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The Halloween event is now live!
To enter this event, you will need to get an event ticket by beating all the pre-set event battles such as Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, etc.
You can find them in the event section of Battle Select.
When you have your event ticket, you will be able to unlock the Event Center and be able to take part in the Halloween event to try and win yourself a Rotom (Halloween)

NOT ONLY THIS - The weekend is DOUBLY special. That's right, double experience has also been activated so be sure to take advantage of that too.
Both the Halloween event and double experience will be ending late on Sunday October 31 2015 .
Enjoy, everyone and happy Halloween.

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