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The 17th is when no more Douse Drive auctions will be listed, effectively ending the event since you also cannot resell them.

However, you will be able to use any that were purchased until the end of August. (August 31st)

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The items will still exist past the event date.
It is likely that they cannot be used past the event date.
If you bid on such an item, it's best to see when the auction ends, to make sure no money is wasted.
If this is an auction started by Vortex itself, and not a standard user, then I do find it to be strange that auctions like this are a thing.

I should clarify, the event announcement does not state whether or not the Douse Drives can be used after the event ends. Maybe that's just when the auctions won't be starting anymore. I don't know this for certain.

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