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                                                          Welcome TThe Training Treehouse cyber-rayquaza-44419.png


Hi Guys! Me and @amank have decided to open up a training treehouse.We will train your pokemons to certain amount of experience,hearts(happiness) and level 100.Mostly Aman would be training exp or sometimes me.Mostly I would be grinding happiness and level 100.For those who think I am taking bots to bot,ask Patrick (My purpose was something different).We use dark version! So lets get training folks!



 All global forums rules apply.

●Please follow our rates.

●No foul/vulgur language.

●Enjoy and support us.




●All rates are open to negotiation.


Rates For Experience Training:

Normal Legend                   : 150k-300k

Unique Legend                    : 700k-800k

Pikachu (Christmas)         :  2-3 Mil

Uni. Pikachu (Christmas) : 3-5 Mil

Vivillon (Event)                   : 6-7 Mil

Uni. Vivillon (Event)          : 7-9 Mil

Zygarde (Partial)                : 9 Mil

Uni. Zygarde (Partial)       : 10-12 Mil

Zygarde (Complete)           : 20 Mil

Uni. Zygarde (Complete)  : 40-50 Mil

Pikachu (Cosplay)              :  20 Mil

Uni. Pikachu (Cosplay)     :  40 Mil

Arceus (Water)                   :  22 Mil

Uni. Arceus (Water)          :  45 Mil

All Other Events Are Welcomed!

Rates For Happiness Training:

1 Heart(s)        : 2 Shiny/Shadow Pokemons

2 Heart(s)        : 1 Normal Legend 

3 Heart(s)        : 2 Normal Legend

4 Heart(s)        1 Unique Legend

Rates For Level 100 Training:

Its up to you to determine rates/offers for lvl 100 training. We like legendary pokemons tho :)


Currently Training:


☆None ATM.

Jobs Done:


@GodsWithin's AbraTo Level 100



》Exp would be trained in Training-Typhoon and the others in Xhorrorx

■We do not compare ourselves with other training threads.

■We have much free time,so why not do something nice.

■We love training for ya pals!

■All rates are determined by asking lots of people.

■We surely decide by our favouritism.


                                                                 shadow-rekyuram-29623.png Lets Train EAll!kyuremforce-44793.png









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3 hours ago, GodsWithin said:

Thanks! How many pokemon can you train to level 100 for a Normal Legend?

Well 3-4 to level 100 for A Normal Legend.

2 hours ago, soulweeper616 said:

Can you train my Shiny Pichu to 3 level hearts for 2 normal legendaries? 

Sure.Offer it up on Xhorrorx @soulweeper616

2 hours ago, sportsandmusic69 said:

Just give you a heads up, asking for rep points is not allowed. Please review the forum rules.

I never forced them to give me a reputation.I just said them that if they like my work,they can give me a reputation. Whats the fault in saying that?

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10 hours ago, gethimtothegreek1 said:

Could you train my Shiny Regirock


for 10 legendaries?

Well,Are the legendaries unique? Or are they normal? Are they doubles?

9 hours ago, soulweeper616 said:

I offered the Shiny Pichu by the way,just so you know :D

We'll Start Training,Now!

7 hours ago, SmartAss said:

How much exp could you train for a kyurem white set or a rotom halloween set?

Well, For the Kyurem (White) set,we can train 90-95 Mil Exp.

For Rotom (Halloween) set,we can train 27 Mil.Judging 7 mil for shiny,6 mil for shadow and 5mil for d/m/my and 2 for normal. We love Rotom (Halloween)s! @SmartAss

11 hours ago, Haxor69 said:

Just so you know @EagerRhino bots.

Many people agree.

Give me proofs in the Pm. And I do not grind exp!  @amank will.So nothing else to say.

11 hours ago, sportsandmusic69 said:

You don't need to ask for rep points whatsoever. If someone likes your post and/or it's helpful to the community, they'll give one. There's no need to ask for them.

Okay.I am sorry. Didn't know it.

All Exp Will Be Trained By @amank And Maybe At Rare Occasions By Me (All In Training-Typhoon) I Will Train To Level 100 And Hearts.

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