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Suggestions on Improving this Website

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Hey this post is for the developers on the pokemon vortex. i am a 13 year old boy mad about pokemon vortex since the v2 and have recently started web development where i explored this application which grades the website on the basis of the targets set by yahoo (yes, the application is developed by yahoo). This fine day i ran the test on pokemon votex's site where it was graded 'D'. The suggestions on how to improve the website was also given. i just wanted to tell u about the WONDERFUL application devevloped by yahoo which when adheard of can improve this site A LOT!



A fine fellow 


would be too happy if replied to personally at my email-id (i guess u know it)

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1 hour ago, Auke1993 said:

I can see why you'd want to help improve the website, improvements are almost always nice.
However, you didn't directly mention any improvement suggestions in this post.
Am I misunderstanding your goal with this topic?

I'm misunderstanding this Topic, too :/


@sportsandmusic69 I wanna say "Wrong Section!!!" .... however, this Topic doesn't have a Section... just a Tag, so..... Wrong Tag!!!

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hey is it possible to make some different language chat rooms in-game cuz now we all see spanish italian english dutch in 1 room and when people talk spanish then others tells to talke english and like me my first language is dutch and im bad in english but others are yelling about the way i typ and if i start talking to dutch so i dont make wrong spelling then they also yells about it so is it an idea to have some more chatrooms from other languages so they can talk together in 1 room

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