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  1. [H] Shiny Hoopa (Unbound) [with 1M exp]
    [W] Shadow Giratina (Origin) / Normal Giratina (Origin) + adds


    Don't want anything else apart from this.

  2. Sorry for being late, I have most of what you mentioned in this list. How many for all the ones I need?
  3. The contest was poorly framed, I will be framing a better one with the same prize soon enough. And depends, like what would you want for them?
  4. This is a rather simple trade thread. There are some specific pokemon I am trying to get to complete my sets. I will be updating this list every time my current goal has been met, so we can focus on specific pokemon only. Right now, what I need is these stuff: You can look at what I have for trade in my ign Drawnzer and ask if you want something in specific from there or something which is not there, in the replies here. Just be sure to reply here or message me before making an offer. Kindly refrain from asking legends which I do not have in spare. After these pokemon have been obtained, I will update it with the next list of stuff.
  5. I need some Biryani before you die. o4rel
  6. So, finally thought of coming back to forums. Hope to do some fruitful (not really ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) work here now.


    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. Mr.Magnificent


      Good Luck!

      You answer pms?

    2. Drawnzer
  7. That was never my dream, but... who cares, seize the opportunity when you get it.
  8. Dreaming is good but some dreams can never be fulfilled.
  9. ign: Drawnzer Most Valuable Pokémon is undoubtedly my 10M . However, my set and the 2 s also count o4rel. And among your prizes, I would take the , and the if I manage to hax , I mean win this thing.
  10. Hey Helper, when was the last time you helped?

    <insert o4rel emote>


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    2. Drawnzer


      You have a fan here, @Uncle_Psychic. lel

      And @Red_Conspiracy it's a staff joke lol, not to be taken seriously. :P

    3. Uncle_Psychic
    4. Red_Conspiracy


      Staff joke? Well he is very good at it.

  11. ign: Drawnzer Interesting giveaway this one, I hope I hax my way to winning this.
  12. The Sidequests wiki page is done, and all information regarding sidequests is available here. This page can serve as a Sidequest guide as well as an information page about all Sidequest battles (number of battles, rewards and drop rates, region wise). Furthermore, all trainers and their pokemon in the sidequests have been listed region wise, so you can plan out how to take whom down. 


  13. ign: Drawner PokeGirl: Ofc Serena is my fave yulyin
  14. Winner is @DannyV. Congratulations. Contact @iZeus for prize and stuff.
  15. Becky doesn't care. yulyin

    1. Becky


      Nor do you, o4rel.

  16. Firstly, Tyheamma is a she lol. And around 2 hours is left officially for this round to end.
  17. Bolmeteus vs sportsandmusic69 (Drawnzer vs @sportsandmusic69) http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-357577373
  18. Velocifaptor vs Bolmeteus (Rob vs Drawnzer) http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-356336579
  19. @iZeus so what do you intend to do with this giveaway?
  20. ign Drawnzer Darn I hope I have entered in time. Thanks for the giveaway though.
  21. Bolmeteus vs Kindboss http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-354682247
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