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  1. Universal

    My for your ? I've got these two but they're mega and have a lil' over 1 mil EXP.. Shiny Rayquaza (Mega) Level: 100Experience: 1,047,550 Happiness: [?] Shadow Rayquaza (Mega) Level: 100Experience: 1,021,191 Happiness: [?]
  2. Universal

    Trading: Solgaleo Level: 100Experience: 161,245Number: 791Attacks:Sunsteel StrikeZen HeadbuttFlare BlitzSolar BeamType: Owner: DNMSFalcons Original Trainer: wisdomseeker Happiness: [?] Solgaleo is at its final stage of evolution
  3. Universal

    Still looking for Rayquaza? I have a Shiny Rayquaza (Mega) with 1,047,550 EXP Happiness: [?]
  4. Giveaway

    IGN : DNMSFalcons (One Cosmog. Thanks!)
  5. Universal

    (I didn't mean to double post, sorry about that)
  6. Giving away a free Virizion! Offer for the one up for trade on IGN DNMSFalcons and you're entered! Ends sometime soon!

    1. DNMSFalcons


      :I know Virizion isn't that great but eh:

    2. Haisum Arif Sheikh

      Haisum Arif Sheikh

      not anything else? :P

  7. Universal

    Trading (I don't know if the amount of Magikarp is fair or not, but numbers listed, or best offer) For x50 or more For x75 or more (me and my weird ideas..) @MikoTiini Anything up for trade on IGN DNMSFalcons you want for Cosmoem?
  8. Universal

    This is the first Pokemon I have that I got to 1,000,000 EXP I might trade it for good offers if anyone is interested? Mystic Sableye (Mega) Level: 100Experience: 1,012,690Number: 302MAttacks:Shadow BallFlingPsychicPower GemType: Owner: DNMSFalcons Original Trainer: DNMSFalcons Happiness: [?] Mystic Sableye (Mega) is at its final stage of evolution.
  9. Universal

    I will trade + += Your ? Also, I have
  10. Find Your Favorite Alolan Starter! Can't decide what Alolan Starter is for you? This 'very short' quiz will help you with your choice! I feel like an advertisement about healthcare now. If you answered yes to questions: 2 5 6 8 Rowlet is for you! If you answered yes to questions : 1 4 5 Popplio is for you! If you answered yes to questions: 3 5 7 9 Litten is for you! Rowlet has won my Vote! If I put this under the wrong category, I'm sorry! I didn't know where to put a Poll about Alolan Starters besides 'Create + Discover'
  11. Universal

    I only need those Rayquazas to complete the set.. I don't have anything you want besides those you said
  12. Universal

    and for my and ? or ?
  13. Universal

    Ok what do you want?
  14. Universal

    Trading: +++++ For = OR OR