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  1. if there was not a registered account, I would see this screen

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    2. sportsandmusic69


      That's NOT the email for that account. No gonna repeat myself anymore.

    3. Dark_Wolf


      Your e-mail id: golyesem@hotmail.com has been used to register a vortex account, but the account it has been used to register is NOT golyesem. Your account golyesem has been registered under a different email, so even if you do forget password, it sends the email to the registered one not golyesem@hotmail.com

    4. golyesem9


      I'm so sorry because my english is poor. Forum does not come with my registered address.

      If you think it's rude, so sorry. my purpose is not to be rude but english is bad

  2. why can not I get a password? Please help. I have a lot of labor in that account.

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    2. porymon


      Notice: People who ask for your password or to change your email address in messages are not Pokémon Vortex representatives and are trying to scam you out of your account. Please ignore these messages and report them to us. Remember, we never need your password under any circumstance.

      But then again it's Manuel soo.....meh.




    3. golyesem9


      I know but I consent. Because I want my account

    4. v3567
  3. hi. Can you send new password please? username:golyesem   mail:golyesem@hotmail.com   can you send manuel? Because I tried but didnt come :(

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    2. v3567


      If Patrick gave you a "new password" because you told him your username and email address, it undermines the whole concept of a "password". So let's just get rid of the password altogether on v4?


      To the sarcasm impaired: Yes, that was indeed sarcasm.

    3. porymon



      Patrick Spanish undercover name is Manuel?


    4. golyesem9


      I'm aggrieved. not poor account. please help me