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  1. Hi! How have you been, @HunterHemsley?

    1. HunterHemsley


      O hi I am bored with v3 nowadays looking for the release of v4 just come online once in a month ...

  2. Hey everyone,


    I have decided to quit the game, the forums and the chat. It's been a great journey and I've enjoyed every minute of it. :)

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    2. GodsWithin


      jokes on you he's only quitting forums

    3. v3567


      Pfft, what a quitter.

      Jokes on ALL of you. I'm not quitting until v4 is out and I've played it. That means I'm never quitting. *shots fired*

    4. eurstin


      How to get 7 rep points with one post: Say you're leaving forums ;) 

  3. Congrats to everyone who completed the Deoxys event! Your patience (and luck) was rewarded. :D


    A special shout-out to the following users who I find REALLY inspiring. They have completed the event successfully despite losing a buttload of battles. You folks are a true inspiration to everyone on vortex. :D


    2263 - 326 losses
    james7b - 180 losses
    cashlover - 165 losses
    daluramh - 151 losses
    sambrett - 110 losses
    Nuevo016 - 107 losses
    Frenchfry - 79 losses
    fecku - 64 losses
    Vinod_kumar - 49 losses

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    2. Dream House

      Dream House

      I don't know others, I searched mystic dratini, shiny bagon and deoxys 50 together as they are all in the same map. Shiny bagon is probably the easiest, deoxys 50 is harder, eventually I found it, but never female mystic dratini. This event is way too hard, a pure torture, won't waste my time next time.

    3. v3567






      @Dream House pretty sure that list only contains people that bot and have found Deoxys lvl. 50


      Shiny Bagon at 5 + Deoxys at 50. Most people that found both went on to complete the event.. (and yea, they're all TOTALLY LEGIT). @Dream House, you lost 64 battles too. Did you get stuck on the Ray SQs? ;)





      Bro, You forgot the pro Abbas bro. How can you?!

      Because he was legit, obviously.




      Dream House

      This event is way too hard, a pure torture, won't waste my time next time.

      Too bad you won't have your account the next time this event runs. :'(

    4. Abbas
  4. Here's a thought:

    How about a Pokemon Gender Reassignment Center?


    Change the gender of your pokemon for $5,000,000.

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    2. eurstin


      @SquirrelKing CabanaBoy Feminists don't even play video games. 

    3. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      @eurstin what about Brittany Venti?

    4. eurstin


      @SquirrelKing CabanaBoy League of Leggings and Grand Theft Auto the Fifth aren't games lmao 

      Here's the link for those of you who think I'm stupid or something...


  5. lmao that content to rep ratio though 

    1. v3567


      Yes, because everything I post is gold....apparently. 

    2. hhh123
  6. @TheHunterVip (and all other banned users),

    Enjoy reading this. :)

  7. There *might* be a giveaway on the discord chat at this time.


    Be sure to join :)


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    2. leander4


      I Cant Join It Says You instant invite in invalid or has expired

    3. v3567


      @porymon: At "this this time" --> links to https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20161228T1800



      @eurstin: Glad you picked up on that, the most important word.


      @leander4: That's the link to the vortex chat, so if you can't get there it's probably because you've been banned. Besides, aren't you too busy sending people scam messages in-game? I wouldn't want a silly thing like a giveaway distract you. ;)


    4. Abbas
  8. Here's a PSA for all you (salty) banned users:



  9. I know this contest is over, but I do have a great pickup line..


    "Hello, is your name pokemon vortex? I'm Cloudflare and I'd love for you to go down (on me) so I could do some rack maintenance on you. " (your servers)


    Everyone who won this contest was REALLY lucky I wasn't around, cause that's a winning line :P

    1. MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr.


      Thanks cause I was number 1 for thatShadow%20Giratina%20(Origin).gif/I still got it. Also, your pickup line is funny. :P 

    2. Abbas
  10. RIP Pa3ick, the GOAT botter. :'(

      689,782,031 experience
      415,000,000 $
        7,520,298 points
          220,043 wins
            7,588 wins per day
            4,721 Arceus + unique legends
            1,625 sidequest prizes
              316 wins per hour
              212 Lati*sites
              180 Arceus (Electric)s
               75 Blue/Red Orbs
               29 days
               #1 Top trainer
               #1 Richest
               #1 Pokemon
               #1 Wins
               #1 Total experience
    2,147,483,647 PMs asking "bro how u get so much exp??????" or "plsssssss sis gimme electric bro!!"

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    2. v3567


      @123Aman-2, no those aren't random numbers. They're pretty close to the real statistics.


      @DeMerican, everyone and their pet chihuahua already know that I bot.. lmao

    3. DeMerican


      People actually Own chihuahua, I thought that was just a thing in movies @v3567 

    4. Abbas
  11. Hey, uhm I think it's quite evident @v3567 owns Pa3ick, all of v3567's contact information is testtest and Pa3ick leavs a little couple of hints in the comment section of his Vortex profile

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    2. eurstin


      All you did was notify him that he was caught. The pokes are probably long gone in an untraceable Swiss Pokemon account. If ya really want to catch botters, just PM patreeks or something...

    3. yadonmvp22


      He only had one pokemon, a Pidgey with 100 million experience.

    4. v3567


      My Swiss pokemon account is overflowing ;)