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  1. For new players who have missed events like zygarde,volcanion,arceus trifecta, Star Wars themed pokes etc. It's very hard for them to get certain variants of the Pokemon they want. People don't trade them for map pokes, even ubs. Their worth in pokedollars is sky high. So, bringing back old event mons in other forms than mystery boxes would be good for new players. Also it's fun to find pokes rather than redeem promo codes.
  2. Isn't this completely your fault? You might have given the person your password or your password was easy to guess.
  3. Will you train my Pokemon? I want you to train a steenee
  4. Remember you can catch glaceon on Ice Maps during the day. So no worries.
  5. I'll message you in game chat or discord
  6. I am currently looking for unique Kanto Region fossils. Willing to offer Pokemon or pokedollars.
  7. Hey @Pathfinder02 let's trade add me in game cause I'm bored Were the only ones online here in the forums

    1. inteleon


      Never mind just add me in gam

  8. Hunt me mystic and dark grubbin I don't care how much it costs Just hunt them No more questions
  9. Hunt me a shadow pichu Will pay 750k pokedollars
  10. Covid is not something to make an event about. It's a serious health issue. No Pokemon should be modelled after the concept. Christmas pineco is a good idea.
  11. Lf dark pikachu jedi Offering exp training Offering good
  12. There is a search button. Click on members and there is a search tab on the lower end.
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