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  1. Hi Pathfinder02! do you want to trade in thee game?

  2. Example : You buy 4 tickets (100k) All 4 have the same numbers. Those 3 numbers are chosen. You get 4 unknowns. Another person buys 40k tickets. But does not get even a single ticket with those 3 numbers. What happens? He loses 1 billion pds. A very simple example that concludes ticket cap is unreasonable.
  3. Pokebay takes a non-negotiable 10% of the winning bid. It's not a bug. Hope it helps
  4. Looking for Offering 45M pokedollars
  5. Why do you care if he said something bad? It is a game. Play and enjoy. Don't be like a whining school kid. He blocked you, you block him. The End.
  6. Was this thread created only for saying "no sorry" ? You should really know the prices and worth of things. You can't really get the things you are looking for with the so called 'extremely rare pokemon' in your account.
  7. This means you have already claimed your Alola sidequest reward. Pls check for beast balls or ice stone in your item inventory. You can't claim more.
  8. There should be a downside/disadvantage to everything in a game to keep the balance. If you have the chance to battle skipped pokemons, it would mean that you could essentially catch every pokemon you encounter. Skipping would have no meaning then.
  9. The forums are here to help people. Please elaborate the problems you are facing and if possible take a screenshot. Admins cannot help you until you properly clarify.
  10. For new players who have missed events like zygarde,volcanion,arceus trifecta, Star Wars themed pokes etc. It's very hard for them to get certain variants of the Pokemon they want. People don't trade them for map pokes, even ubs. Their worth in pokedollars is sky high. So, bringing back old event mons in other forms than mystery boxes would be good for new players. Also it's fun to find pokes rather than redeem promo codes.
  11. Isn't this completely your fault? You might have given the person your password or your password was easy to guess.
  12. Will you train my Pokemon? I want you to train a steenee
  13. Remember you can catch glaceon on Ice Maps during the day. So no worries.
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