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  1. Yeah I realised that lol, the only thing I don't understand is the 37 damage ehwne battling the exact same pokemon.
  2. Hey, I posted this in #general on the discord, but here is it pasted: BREAKING NEWS: I just caught a glitched gligar, a level 7 male, one of it's default attacks (poison sting) usually does 2 damage at that level + poison damage if they're poisoned, but the poison damage isn't written in the battle box (The chat box that says things like Your pokemon fainted), when immune training it, it did 25 or 27 damage! + posion damage, leading to around 70 total, whereas others did ore like 50 total, after finishing the training he was put to level 99, when level 7s usually go to lvl 92. I caught anoher level 7 male and it did 2 damage, I tested it recently and it did 37 damage, whereas other level 100 males did 25. However realising this I rushed to give it a nickname "The chosen one" but to my suprise now his damage magic doesn't work anymore, if anyone can explain what is happening, maybe a developer? make sure to @evildrcrocs me. Thanks. (By 25 or 27, I mean IDK which it was, but I know it was one of them. I can't remember perfectly.) I'm really interested in glitches, and I would love to own a glitched pokemon (As long as it's not hacked in). Thanks for helping.
  3. Sad to hear you're leaving but I understand.
  4. Yeah, it's already turned on, the map still uses loads of RAM though, around 1.7 GB.
  5. https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/b/VCQ2E
  6. Omg, it uses 1 GB of RAM. I might have solved it, there seems to be a correlations between lagspikes in Wifi and in CPU performance, I'm on the map, my friend is playing some game on their ipad, and people are watching BBC on TV. With more fiddling I found some random chrome process using 700MB of RAM, I closed this so I should be good now, but IDK. I'm 90% sure it was the map doing it, as when I ended the task my map just went black.
  7. Before I could run PV just fine, but now one explore tab of it takes up 60% of my CPU!!! Surely this isn't normal, is it an update or has my CPU broken? Earlier after I was running PV, I could hear my fan going mad and my computer was REALLY hot. Thanks, Crocs.
  8. Not sure if this is the place to put it, but would a Greninja (Ash)'s value increase because it is below level 100? As you needed 4 hearts to evolve a Greninja into one, so surely it would be difficult to get one with a level this low, and you can't get them anymore. Anyways, here is my collection of them: Dark Greninja (Ash): level 84 Normal Greninja (Ash): level 85 Shadow Greninja (Ash): level 86 Metallic Greninja (Ash): level 87 Dark Greninja (Ash): level 89 Normal Greninja (Ash): level 92 (I have a mystic, but it's level 100) Thanks.
  9. Great! What would your prices be on an ackbar and some of the pikachus if you have them?
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