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  1. Do you know which stage is the Dusty Bowl??
  2. Okay I think I just realised that the Dusty Bowl is a location... Oops. >.<"
  3. How do I get some items to evolve my Galarian pokemons? (yes all the pokemons i am going to list are all in the galarian form it's just that i'm too lazy to type out 'galarian' again and again) yamask -----------------------> runerigus (dusty bowl [galar sidequests] ) slowpoke -----------------------> slowbro (galarica cuff [???] ) darumaka -----------------------> darmanitan (ice stone [alola sidequests] ) so far, i think i have listed all the galarian pokemons that require and object to evolve, and please help me with the '???' in the list above. thanks!
  4. You cannot evolve a mime jr. into a mr rime, you will ned a galarian mr mime to evolve in to mr rime at level 42. Here's a diagram: Level 42 -> You can only catch this when you are in the Galar sidequests, of course.
  5. I wonder what nicknames suit legendary and rare pokemons best? If you know of some awesome ones, comment below! I would love to know them! Helping me find nicknames stand you a chance of getting a Snivy! (Heehee, I wont tell you when it ends, but this event will last for at least 2 weeks!)

     Woo Hoo Season 5 GIF by Friends

    1. Eternity0867


      Check out some of my auctions too! :)

    2. Auke1993


      Auctions on what account exactly?
      If I type in your username, no auctions appear.

    3. Eternity0867


      They might have ended. I set all to 1 day. Sorry.

  7. Hey guys! I'm already in the Galar sidequests, and I want to catch some Galarian pokemon! The thing is, I don't know where to find them! I have only found Galarian Stunfisk, which is at Route 11 (day). Where are the rest? Do you know where they are hiding? Comment below!
  8. What if there was a filter for the location in which the pokemon came from? As in, when you go to the "View All your Pokemon" , could there be a row of buttons that showed the region names, and all our pokemons could be filtered by their location if you click on the region name? <YES PLEASE|
  9. Could the timing when the pokemon spawn be longer? I have already missed a metallic wimpod and a mystic munchlax due to another pokemon spawning. I have tried using the "space" to catch them, but another pokemon always spawns before I pressed it. Those two lost rare pokemons only spawned for 1 second! I can't catch them like that! i really hope that the timing could increase. Thanks! Here's the IGN if you need it: Eternity0867
  10. Where do I find Eternatus??? HELP!
  11. Where do I find Eternatus??? HELP!

    1. Chamancharizad123


      See noone knows location of pokes

      except patrick:P may be

    2. Eternity0867


      I thank you if you want to help, but i have already found the whereabouts of Eternatus. Thanks!

  12. There's a bug in the live map I found. When you appear in a new area, I move around (obviously) , but the system tends to blacken the live map and respaawn me somewhere else in the same area, but not where I want. Please fix this. Thanks. IGN if you need it: Eternity0867
  13. One of the Galar gyms, Raihan, is at the Pokemon Vortex Citadel. Just keep heading towards the route which has the greater number and you will arrive at Pokemon Vortex Citadel, after Route 12 if I'm not wrong.
  14. Help! I registered a new account to try out the new starters, and found the live map! Wonderful! But.... when I returned to my main account, there wasn't a live map. Where is it? Help!!! IGN if you need it: Mini: RadiantXAbyss Main: Eternity0867
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