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  1. 004Please join!! 004


    Hello everyone! This message is calling out to all looking for a clan or does not have a clan! Please join my clan!

    The clan name is Unstoppable Rivals, enter that into the search bar and request to join pls! The longest time b4 u get accepted is max 3 days.


    Do join the discord server too! No verified phone number required! Just copy the link and paste it in a new tab! Clan invite link is in the clan bio, see you soon!

  2. I need help guys!

    Anyone can help me?


    I'm desperately in need of a Shiny Gastly or a Shiny Haunter or a Shiny Gengar.

    Shiny Gastly,Shiny HaunterShiny Gengar

    Can anyone give me one? I can offer you a legendary pokemon just for it!! (It's either a Zekrom or a Zygarde, or both)


    Please guys, please help me!! :)

    Message me if you have one and willing to give it to me. It can be of any level. 

    IGN: Eternity0867

    1. cursed_charmander12


      i will try find one for you 

    2. aryasa


      I can give you a shadow gastly

    3. Eternity0867



      A shadow Gastly is fine for me, but what would you like me to offer? Check my pokes, and tell me.

      A shiny gastly would be better, but i think a shadow one might do.


      The reason why I want a shiny one specifically is beacuse shinies have more hp then other variants.



    Calling out to anyone~

    Some of my legendaries are on SALE


    Zekrom x2

    Zygarde x2

    Shaymin x1


    If you are interested, please find me and contact me. I have messages turned on, but I don't really check em' , you can get a faster, and much detailed response if you contact me via Discord. Details are below.


    It's not a lot of legendaries, but there might and will be more to come!! Stay Tuned!!



    IGN: Eternity0867

    Discord: [NGP] Moon Awakened Haxorus


    My DIscord name will change constantly, so stay tuned for updates when I change!! :)

  4. I have checked and found out that your account is not deleted or banned. Your account is still alright. As for the question, you could try to: Reset your password, Reset your username. If none of those 2 works, then it's best if you contact the admins in Discord. They will be there to answer you. In the case that I could further assist you, may I get a picture of the system "not allowing you in" . Does it say anything above when you press "Login" ?
  5. I have a shiny regigigas but if u want it u have to find something better than a shadow gliscor. At least a rare would suit a legendary pokemon. Here's my IGN in case you found something better and want to trade with me: Eternity0867
  6. Everything is almost perfect!! Except that some pokemons are very hard to catch, and they are almost EVERYWHERE. For example, Dratini. I can't catch it. It's just too hard. I have already referred to the wiki for help on where to find Dratini, but I still can''t find it. I hope that Pokemon Vortex can add some special things in the future, like the Incense from Pokemon Go. This will at least increase the chance of catching rare pokemons by a little. You can also probably put it in the Pokemart, but probably at a high price like 20,000?
  7. I just discovered this game lately, and it's just really good, almost everything is in there, except for one thing that could improve it by a lot. Sound. I hope that the future Pokemon Vortex could have sounds.
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