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  1. Not all of you might know, but I'm someone who cares a lot about OT pokemons. Non-OT pokes go out for trading... but sometimes I can't find all of them. According to my stats section, there's still about 70+ non-ot pokes lurking among 120 pages of pokes. Maybe you could add another filter apart from the unique forms -- Non-OT and OT? <- just got this guy lol (not related)
  2. Can we kind of swim on lava *on a pokemon* like how we can on water? water -> wailmer rocks -> wailmer?! (can it be like onix) lava -> groudon??
  3. Nah now I don't think this dude should need any action taken. Did a proper trade with him, and told him to be honest
  4. ign: hemanthkalyan14 player keeps asking me for event pokemons but only gives me legendaries and commons i think it's not worth it i told her that she still continue
  5. ign for this scammer who stole my mystic sableye and he fooled me for a sablenite rip. ign: nathan.oyibo
  6. At least I think it's a bug. Usually when I look for pokes in the live map, I find a rare pokemon and I will tap on the space bar, or click the "Battle!" button. However, these days, when I do so, there is a very long delay before I change to the wild battle. Do fix this, sometimes the delay causes another pokemon to spawn and I lose that rare pokemon.
  7. I thought that if we players could get rewards like after one year. For example, I registered on 27 April 2020. If I could a nice and special reward (idk what it is you devs can decide) on 27 April 2021, wouldn't that encourage more players? I do know the dark side of this. The dark side is that AFK players just login and do nothing. But I think that there's always a way to find out who's ACTUALLY active. The reward can come in the daily reward. devs = developers
  8. Do you know which stage is the Dusty Bowl??
  9. Okay I think I just realised that the Dusty Bowl is a location... Oops. >.<"
  10. How do I get some items to evolve my Galarian pokemons? (yes all the pokemons i am going to list are all in the galarian form it's just that i'm too lazy to type out 'galarian' again and again) yamask -----------------------> runerigus (dusty bowl [galar sidequests] ) slowpoke -----------------------> slowbro (galarica cuff [???] ) darumaka -----------------------> darmanitan (ice stone [alola sidequests] ) so far, i think i have listed all the galarian pokemons that require and object to evolve, and please help me with the '???' in the list above. thanks!
  11. You cannot evolve a mime jr. into a mr rime, you will ned a galarian mr mime to evolve in to mr rime at level 42. Here's a diagram: Level 42 -> You can only catch this when you are in the Galar sidequests, of course.
  12. I wonder what nicknames suit legendary and rare pokemons best? If you know of some awesome ones, comment below! I would love to know them! Helping me find nicknames stand you a chance of getting a Snivy! (Heehee, I wont tell you when it ends, but this event will last for at least 2 weeks!)

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  14. Hey guys! I'm already in the Galar sidequests, and I want to catch some Galarian pokemon! The thing is, I don't know where to find them! I have only found Galarian Stunfisk, which is at Route 11 (day). Where are the rest? Do you know where they are hiding? Comment below!
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