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  1. Ni idea, lo siento. También utilicé Google Translate para esto, porque hablo inglés.
  2. Okay, so I enjoy this, but firstly, no animation is here. Secondly, your character sprite can't be Red for some reason. Thirdly, I understand that there's a reason that some moves don't work as they should, but what about Arena? Will the moves work as intended then? Because it would be pretty OP if you could spam Explosion without worrying about dying. I mean a Pokemon game was my first game ever. (Which was White 2, don't judge.) I know almost everything about Pokemon. True, there are some things I don't know about Pokemon, (Like if the SWSH DLC will be worth it) but that's what I play most. Maybe one day, you can battle me! My friend code is 5301 - 3766 - 7284. I'm named Tyler on there, too. Thx!
  3. nvm i didnt realize it was ask questions sorry lol
  4. I just fought Misty because I was low on Pokedollars, and i used mega drain on her Staryu. It hurt the pokemon, but it didn't heal the user. Is this intended, or is this an error? Please reply as soon as you can. Thanks!
  5. Today I want an idea for characters and their classes. I want 16 characters, each with different classes. I also want to know what skills they should learn. I'll use the best one, and even put people that answer in the special thanks!
  6. Hey! Tyler here. On a completely unrelated note, I have been making an RPG Maker Fes game. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know what that was, but if you do, maybe you could share some ideas with me! I've stopped working on it, (because I have no ideas) and now I'm doing a Professor Oak's Challenge on Pokemon Red! (I have 2 badges and on my save I'm in Silph Co. Just defeated it.) Don't worry! When I get an idea I like, I'll credit the person who thought of it! Bye for now! I'll make another update tomorrow!

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      Um... I'm actually going to ask for ideas for my game as a forum. I'm gonna put the link on here.

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