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  1. I think I can do pds. How much do you wan for it?
  2. Interested in metallic mew? Is it sold already or not
  3. I was right. Laven was still scamming. He is banned now.
  4. whatsmybrowser.org/b/DBCOW thats the link given. This does not keep happening but happened to me thrice. I think I still got night time pokes. I also entered another map and it showed nighttime and when I came in contact with the border or trees it turned daytime. I dont know, it happened out of the blue so I dont think if I can recreate this. I will try my best though.
  5. Please fix the glitch it shows day during night https://paste.pics/D9DJH
  6. Ign thebakedpotato can anyone pls tell me who is iwemax0524?
  7. So my brother tritre has been accused of scamming by a guy called laven who himself is a scammer. I would like to make it clear that he is not a scammer. He has trained an arceus unknown, shadow eevee christmas and many pokemons you cant call him a scammer. This laven guy keeps accusing him Eggyolk is one of our neighbours who doesnt have a computer so he comes to play here daily. Tritre only said what he heard and believed. He believed, and so did others about laven. Laven has been trusted once, that cant happen again. He betrayed others last time. He is a scammer. There's been several reports on laven. I made this post so people can talk about it, I will make a report as well. Laven better stop
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