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  1. Could anyone bid my mewtwo evoultion for 4,000,000

    sad tears GIF

  2. Pokemon vortex is not working

    1. eeveecuteness


      Now is working already so dont worrypokemon moon GIF

    2. Regitwo
  3. but the lowest money u can bid in pokebay is 25,000
  4. hi who are you master_ball999 i dont know u and what inspiration u are talking about??
  5. srry stylo the pokemon u wanted someone bidded srry i dont have
  6. atharva u can message me and give the pokemon and money to someone right/maybe me?
  7. I do not know how to get kubfu maybe in the wild?
  8. Reply to stylo:ok i will pit in auctions
  9. stay strong and beware of covid-19 Pls follow me if this is useful
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