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  1. Hi I want shiny sylveon see my pokemon what u want
  2. I really want zeraora what u want for it(my favourite pokemon zeraora)
  3. Navy blue Number.7 Favourite pokemon shiny zeraora my favourite too
  4. Report for flamescape,

    Whosane13 gave my pokemon back

  5. My 3 Alcremie (love) and my 3 Alcremie(star) is gone suddenly. Patrick, please help me.!!!!!!!!
  6. this is what me and he said i have enough giving u my pokemon u even sell it I’m only selling one tho btw I’ll trade your Pikachu (Halloween) or your Arceus (dark)?? no can u train message me if there is a emrgency yea gimme a sec ok train stop looking at my profile and train I was looking at auction
  7. he said he will give me back shiny frosmoth
  8. i let TheBeastgam3r train my shiny frosmoth. he said i must give him 2poekmon .after i give him,he said he would give me a gift if i give him 1more pokemon.after i gave him he said someone outbid him.i must give him 1pokemon so he can outbid the person.i think is a scam so i asked him for my pokemon.he said he cannot unless i give him a pokemon. the pokemon is special like togepi halloween,voltorb star wars and pikachu ph.d
  9. Could anyone bid my mewtwo evoultion for 4,000,000

    sad tears GIF

  10. Pokemon vortex is not working

    1. eeveecuteness


      Now is working already so dont worrypokemon moon GIF

    2. Regitwo
  11. but the lowest money u can bid in pokebay is 25,000
  12. hi who are you master_ball999 i dont know u and what inspiration u are talking about??
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