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  1. hello im looking for a mewtwo armor or Hoopa unbound i can offer this kind of pokemon on the list Lucaruio mega normal 1million Exp 2 snorlax mega normal and mystic normal 474k Exp mystic 621k Exp Shiny cinderace 1milion Exp if anyone has That pokemon you can add my IGN:bagaoglips and chat me thank you godbless
  2. Shiny Blaziken (Mega) Level: 100Experience: 103,871 Shiny Blaziken (Mega) Attacks Flare Blitz High Jump Kick Brave Bird Earthquake Shiny Charizard (Mega X) Level: 100Experience: 90,344 Shiny Charizard (Mega X) Attacks Flare Blitz Outrage Earthquake Thunder Punch Shiny Blastoise (Mega) Level: 100Experience: 65,218 Shiny Blastoise (Mega) Attacks Hydro Cannon Dark Pulse Aura Sphere Dragon Pulse Shiny Gardevoir (Mega) Level: 100Experience: 133,448 Shiny Gardevoir (Mega) Attacks Future Sight Moonblast Grass Knot Thunderbolt Shiny Garchomp (Mega) Level: 100Experience: 207,441 Shiny Garchomp (Mega) Attacks Outrage Earthquake Flamethrower Iron Head Shiny Gallade (Mega) Level: 100Experience: 108,728 Shiny Gallade (Mega) Attacks Psychic Close Combat Leaf Blade Fling For Trade Chat me Each for 5 level 100 Metallic Legenarypokemons Or if not We can talk about Offers Thank you so much And God Bless
  3. Can you add more pokemons for Trade please maybe i can see pokemons that im interested thanko you
  4. IGN: bagaoglips hello im joining again in the give away maybe ill win this time
  5. please dont ask anything i made this room for trading not give away or asking so please Stop
  6. im sorry this for Trade not Give Away
  7. I Have Extra Shiny Greninja for trade I Need Shiny Blaziken Or Shiny Charmander or Shiny Charizard Or SHiny Chimchar Add my IGN: bagaoglips add me and chat me thank you (I Already My Extra Shiny Greninja For Shiny Infernape) Thank You So Much
  8. Hello Everyone i have Extra Shiny greninja for trade i need Shiny Blaziken or Shiny Charizard Add my IGN: bagaoglips Thank you godbless to all
  9. same i have also and and may new pokemon is yey
  10. is Hero07 always saying inappropriate words or a scammer ??
  11. i post this trade yesterday no one else notice this only Tritre Sorry
  12. Sorry i already trade it yesterday the 2 pokemons Floette (Eternal) and Scrafty (Ackbar) i already trade them to someone else
  13. Thank you so much for the trade enjoy and godbless
  14. Does anyone interested on my scorft ackbar ? Add me ign: bagaoglips
  15. I have this pokemon For Trade Floette (Eternal) and Scrafty (Ackbar) Add me and Chat me For Offers IGN:bagaoglips Thank you Godbless
  16. Can I trade meltan for ackbar
  17. bagaoglips

    Universal Trade

    Hello Everyone Anyone has or an Extra Zygarde complete Add me or chat me ill Trade it for Arceus Dragon If anyone is interested Here is my IGN:bagaoglips Thank you and godbless THE ARECEUS DRAGON WAS ALREADY TRADE TO SOMEONE ELSE THANK YOU FOR THE TRADE
  18. hello may i trade your zyguard complete for 3 therian pokemons ??
  19. OK so can I trade garchamp I'll just wait for you on Pokemon vortex
  20. So can i trade your shadow lucario you mention it last time??
  21. Sorry I got bad connection so any Pokemon's I can still trade with??
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