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  1. yay thanks for informing me now i can get morpeko and mewtwo evoloution!
  2. i dont think you can just say thing like that only patrick decides
  3. i wanted to ask a question is the new quiz gonna be there for ever? or is it just temporary
  4. i will also take part ign kalipo showdown id umar_x_t hope i get to battle you pokemast-2704
  5. Also now cosmogs have more value now they are worth 1 mil and unique cosmogs are also worth more
  6. @Pokemast-2704 eon the battle bro you proved your self champion gg and congrats to you an everyone who participated
  7. @Pokemast-2704 my interent was disconnected for 4 minutes and i had to lose the battle could we battle again pls
  8. Gl i am ready now its 4 pm @Pokemast-2704 lets do this final battle to see who is the showdown champion
  9. it seems you will be the winner

  10. sorry bro but babby246 has chosen the participants already
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