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  1. Ok I friend requested pls accept
  2. Lvl 100 isn’t a big lvl if you wanna train Pokémon use training accounts
  3. Train my riolu for 250k exp too pls ill Pay extra if you train early
  4. I dont think this guy even gives shinies he doesn't have a single shiny starter And doesn't even play
  5. Are you doing your shiny hunt service? You dont reply to anyone
  6. pls any poke is good ign kalipo
  7. pls meee ign kalipo i ve enteres a lot pls pick me its my 3rd time
  8. yes evolve riolu in to lucario and mega evolve lucario in to mega lucariomega lucario looks so awesome
  9. It happens a lot just reload page or wait a while like sanjimon said
  10. No sorry But I will like some starter pokemon Mystic metallic shiny shadow and dark starters I collect them
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