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  1. ign:legacy10 hope to win
  2. do you still have the shiny charmander
  3. how much for a shiny charmanderin pds
  4. i will give a genesect for the shiny tyranitar
  5. ign:Legacy10 hope to win
  6. Legacy10

    Universal ended

    the winner is red_wolf_ .It already in my trade or do you want me to level it up to 100 for free than give it to you
  7. Looking for vivillon type polar pokeballriversavannafancyarchipelagocontinentalelegantand garden i am willing to trade other vivillon type for its
  8. Legacy10

    Universal ended

    changing to a giveaway 1 week giveaway please add your ign
  9. Legacy10

    Universal ended

    I just want to do for fun .To help others new players
  10. Legacy10

    Universal ended

    giving away a shiny corvisquire
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