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  1. The 3rd evolutions of all the water starters can learn hydro cannon, samurott is the only 3rd evolution water starter that can not learn hydro cannon. #justiceforsamurott please add hydro cannon in samurott's learnset Edit: guys I am not kidding, as all starters can learn hydro cannon, a bug may have caused samurott to not learn that move.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCUrq2wGROMWmSqIf2fBkMw/videos?view=0&sort=da&flow=grid this is my yt channel, i have added UCCUrq2wGROMWmSqIf2fBkMw this part of the link in the edit social profile in yt section. whenever I click on the yt button on my profile, it says the page not found. Pls help
  3. What do you all think about this mega samurott I designed suggestions welcome , I still have to colour
  4. I think that the developers of Pokemon Vortex should conduct a survey in which people will tell which additional feature they want in vortex. You can create a form for example. By that the developers can tell what most of the people want and they can implement it first
  5. I think pokemon vortex should introduce mega evolution for generation v starters. They have not been released officially yet, but still, this would make the game more unique.(the pokemon below were not designed by me, these r just ideas)
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