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  1. ok thanx can you please update me when the new feature s online cause i don't frequently visit the forums
  2. why can't i use the clubs page i'm a clan leader
  3. and may i know more about how to get an event ticket
  4. does anyone know how many dna splicers are needed in case if zygarde event returned
  5. and are completing sidequests enough to get on the seasonal top list
  6. are unique pokemon the same as legendary pokemon?
  7. how can one get on the seasonal top trainers? can anyone give me a clear explanation
  8. how can i view the members who are following me
  9. hi there i'm kinda new to pokemon vortex and the prob is that there isn't a legacy map option in the options tab on the left help me find it please and can anyone tell me what is the use of legacy map thanks in advance
  10. how do i get a event ticket
  11. where can i find eevee
  12. where can i view rewards won in lottery
  13. my rockruff is only evolving into lycan roc(midday) how can evolve it into others (midnight and dusk)
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