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  1. ign: kong-zilla hope everybody is doing good really hoping for shadow rayquaza or shadow groudon since weather trio is awsome and i like the weather trio alot anyway can't wait for the winners and take care
  2. I know I already made a report on pokemonvoetexserbice but now he is telling me bad words telling bad about my country and threatening me that he will ban me pls tell me what should I do
  3. that messgae came to me from pokemonvortexservice which was made today the account
  4. so a guy named pokemonvortexservice is asking my password but it's says the account was made today but also in the top it says this ould be a sca and also he is followig a person could xam_omg who is a regular guy pls answer me who is pokemonvortexservice
  5. ign:Kong-ZILLA thanks for the giveaway hoping for
  6. pokemon GIF:me right now cause i got white sauce pasta lol

    1. HyperPanther


      Me when I see Italian food bro

    2. mynamedurkslurp


      white sauce is my fav :)

  7. i was thinking if anbody was up for playing showdown with me showdown ign:rayquaza winner ik it's a trubish name but kog-zilla was taken and it popped into my head

  8. so i was just thinking in my mind that pokemon vortex could create new pokemon like what they did with darkrown mega snorlax etc and i was thinking they could add new eeveelutions new event exclusive mega stones gigantamax pokemon of their own or making completly new pokemon of their own i would like to know what event would you like to add or wish they add it onto the game
  9. i am mostly hoping for eternatus (eternamax):since it is the most powerful in the real games but you can't use it unless you hack but i just think it'll be cool to add it
  10. Who rembers lugi v ho- oh

    1. Kong-ZILLA
    2. jeffpig


      When did lugi become a water type

  11. Ty for following me

    1. Kong-ZILLA


      No problem keep up the good work

    2. silverstar2202


      I will i think ill do a poll

  12. anyone looking for tips?i just used shiny zeraora and calyrex (shadow)  and zeraora is very good and calyrex (shadow)'s ability is jus super O.P also the most powerful poke is eternamax eternatus but you can't use it unless you play a metagame on showdown called gen 8 pure hackmons

    1. dades


      I just use belly drum snorlax  and kommo o most of the time lol


  13. i was done doing a battle in pokemon showdown and i realized that NEVER USE MANAPHY OR PHIONE their attacks are just to weak you always need to do get the max attack boost but by that time they faint and i have 2 teams which less than 10 people have beaten over the 60+ and counting people i have battled

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    2. Kong-ZILLA


      ima make a new team and see if it can do well

    3. red_wolf_


      Wait they where legendaries

    4. jeffpig


      Just week gods but they have good speed 

  14. so i still don't know how to make screenshots but you guys can give me ideas to draw and maybe vortex can make them possibe...i will only draw new mega's gigantamax new pokes or new forms requested by you and then try to upload screenshot
  15. sorry guys shadow golisopod has been removed and itt's replaced by so nishkar got veunsaur mega
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