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  1. The Winners Are... veerkv and FrostHaizad! Come back next time!
  2. I Caught 2 Enter ign In Comments! 1st Place- Level 53 Exp: 26,500 2nd Place- Level 52 Exp: 26,000
  3. Hey! Can we trade like in the contest,since my partner is inactive? She is not here.

    1. Shiny_Sylveon


      ok i will put one on trade

    2. SofiX


      I already put up 1 poke,no need to do that.

  4. so, here are your partners: foodviro2.0 - WOLFboy007 red_wolf_- hardieboi Ruby123654 - SofiX you can trade now! you will not get banned because i made this topic in January and i don't want ANYONE to miss out on my Contest Giveaways! just ask me if you don't like the Pokemon your partner chose so i could change your partner
  5. So, i just need 1 more comment saying that they want to join then I could start the contest... prepare your Pokemon!
  6. foodviro is the winner! pls come get your Dragonite! Thank you everyone for participating!
  7. So i finished Catching your Pokemon and got you all of the bellow:
  8. So if you are the first one who trades me a then i will let you choose what my profile picture will be for an entire MONTH!!!! But if you get me a after this date then you don't have to worry because it starts whenever you trade me it! Enjoy and i hope you are the one! (The picture is going to be on FORUMS and HAS to be APPROPRIATE)
  9. ok i will get to right into catching them
  10. yes i can wait and yes the pokes can be different
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