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  1. Hi! You made a giveaway and did not say the results. Can you do that?

  2. I have sent you the code,look in your inbox!

  3. hi i sent you a friend request on Pokemon vortex

    1. SofiX


      I am just gonna accept it.

  4. You won the giveaway! Respond to this message and send me a friend request in 12 hours or the reward is gone!

    1. Shiny_Sylveon


      i sent you a friend request

    2. Shiny_Sylveon


      thanks for the giveaway

    3. SofiX


      You are welcome!

  5. Giveaway For If you would like it pls comment your ign to enter Level: 74 Exp: 37,325
  6. ign: Shiny_Sylveon Thanks For The Giveaway!
  7. ign: Shiny_Sylveon Congratulations 50 followers!
  8. i dont have to train for you guys if you dont want its all up to you
  9. Hey guys the winner is Foodviro make sure the congratulate this trainer! I will see you in the next giveaway!
  10. This Is The Exp Training Shop, if you ever need Exp then make sure you visit here first! Looking For: Sylveon, Shiny Zeraora, and Zeraora(Or Any Legendary, Any Eevee Evolution, Any Ultra Beast, Or Any other Pokemon) I you Give: Ultra Beast...Then I Will Train For 10 Days Legendary....Then I will train for 8 Days Eevee Evolutions(Not Sylveon)...Then I will train for 6 days Sylveon........Then I will train for 11 days Shiny Zeraora...Then I will train for 6 Zeraora.........Then
  11. So here is how it works... 1. you put in one of your pokemon 2. then i will choose randomly and the two that i will choose either trade pokemon OR release that pokemon WARNING: IF YOU PUT IN ONE OF YOUR FAVORITES AND YOU DON'T LIKE THE PARTNER THAT I CHOSE FOR YOU AND YOU DON'T TRADE OR RELEASE THEN YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM MY GIVEAWAYS AND CONTESTS I WILL CHECK ON YOU AND YOUR PARTNERS POKEMON
  12. Welcome To My Second Giveaway! This Giveaway Is About Level: 50 Exp: 25,291 Attacks: Tackle, Peck, Flame Charge, Quick Attack
  13. Hey Guys! So i randomly i went to a website called namepicker.net and it chose the winner for the Garchomp Giveaway that winner was........ Foodviro!!! I am going to give you the Garchomp and you could just give me a weak pokemon, thanks for participating! PLEASE BE SUPPORTIVE BECAUSE I WILL BE DOING LOTS OF GIVEAWAYS IN THE FUTURE
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