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  1. I got more Peko from a friend and I actually worked hard to get backgrounds on the center and a shiny route on that’s not worth it I’m sorry those means something to me. I might be able to get you something else or maybe I can get you one of those from like an option. I have 1 million polka dollars.
  2. Look through Akanae’s pokes Tell me what you want
  3. Legandary_boy12 Said this:u shut u r mouth u bloody ****er
  4. I change my mind dratini for shadow munchlax
  5. 13 but I’ll get it to 100
  6. Updated thread normal: Variants: pseudo legendaries: legendaries: is also a pseudo legendary
  7. I would like a named sparkles. Note: It’s supposed to be ironic. I’ll give you 300k plus 20k for the name. also check out Akanae’s Trade Thread. also support AKClub and Ethreal Darkness
  8. So put them on my typhlosion Hisuian I’ve added mew I’ll get another Is up for trade BUT I am giving it to a newbie who needs it.
  9. I’m not offering them but I have shiny zacian and terrakion
  10. It’s worth both shiny dreepy and shiny cubone Sorry didn’t see all Pokémon up for trade I would also like heatmor and Skarmory
  11. I’ve added a Pidgeot and a guard chomp
  12. What are you offering Ummmmmm Hacksourus is worth a good bit
  13. Hi I have some Pokémon up for trade and here’s what I have: Normal: Rare: Variants: I will add legendaries later.
  14. <content removed> Please read the trade rules before creating a trade thread.
  15. Akanae

    Pokes uft

    Check my shinys and tell me what you want for a Zygarde and Rayquaza
  16. IGN: Akanae I would like It looks like tundra form
  17. I caught a shiny Zacian a few weeks ago.
  18. Thank you thank you for letting me know about how ban people work
  19. Lvl 49 for Also I’ll name it munchy
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